12 Engaging Trade Show Booth Games: Attracting Customers and Increasing Brand Awareness

Did you know that more than 80% of trade show attendees have purchasing authority? That means exhibiting at such an event has the potential to increase your business by a huge margin. But how can...

Did you know that more than 80% of trade show attendees have purchasing authority? That means exhibiting at such an event has the potential to increase your business by a huge margin. But how can you ensure that you get as many customers to your booth as possible? The answer is simple - incorporate engaging trade show booth games!

Trade show booth games are a great way to bring in a steady stream of prospective customers and keep them around long enough for you to convey your offering. Games make the whole pitching process a fun endeavor for both you and your customers, increasing the possibility of converting them. So, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate a game or two in your booth the next time you exhibit at a trade show.

If you're exhibiting in Las Vegas, known for its extravagance and excitement, it's even more important to add some pizzazz to your exhibit. Las Vegas trade shows provide a great opportunity to showcase your brand in a memorable way.

Here are 12 engaging trade show booth games that can maximize your return on investment and make your booth stand out from the competition:

1. Scratch-Off Cards

trade show game scratch off Scratch-off cards are a simple and effective way to keep things interesting and interactive during your trade show. Contestants find this game exciting, as it is based on the popular concept of the lottery. You can brand the scratch-off cards with your company's logo and colors, ensuring that even if an attendee loses, they still have a reminder of your brand.

2. Business Card or Entry Raffle

Trade Show Contest Idea A business card raffle is a simple yet fun trade show booth idea. Participants can enter the raffle by simply dropping their business cards into a designated container. This game not only attracts attendees but also provides you with their contact information for follow-up purposes.

3. Jumbo Games

Get booth traffic Jumbo games, which are larger versions of everyday games, create a captivating sight that attracts people to your booth. However, make sure you know the rules of the games you choose to avoid creating chaos. Encourage the audience to pick sides and cheer on their preferred players to create excitement.

4. Virtual Reality

trade-show-virtual-reality Enhance the interactive experience by incorporating virtual reality. Allow customers to experience a day in the life of your business through VR, highlighting the positive aspects of your products or services. Ensure that the virtual reality experience is unforgettable and showcases what they can expect from your business.

5. Arcade Trade Show Booth Games

Unique Trade Show Games & Ideas Arcade games appeal to people of different age groups, making them a great option to attract attendees. Consider having classic arcade games for adults and more recent games for younger attendees. Create a leaderboard to encourage participation and allow players to share their scores online to increase your reach.

6. Golf

Interactive game Set up a small putting green at your booth and reward participants who achieve a hole-in-one with exclusive access to a deal or promotion. This not only attracts traffic to your booth but also provides an incentive for participants to stick around and engage with your product or service.

7. Flying Disc

Event game Create excitement by challenging participants to get a flying disc into a slot or on a predetermined surface. By limiting the number of attempts and offering incentives for success, you can keep participants engaged and interested in your booth.

8. Email Sign Up and Prize Draw

Prize Draw for Conference Run a prize drawing where participants sign up using their names and email addresses. This game not only fills your booth with potential customers but also allows you to expand your digital marketing reach. By following up appropriately, you have a chance to convert potential customers after the trade show.

9. Photo Contest

Photo Contest Offer attendees a fun way to take photos at your booth by setting up a contest. Ask participants to email their photos to you, and print them out using a portable printer. Customize backdrops and props with your company's branding to ensure participants take your brand with them. Engage participants in conversation about your brand while they wait for their turn.

10. Virtual Prize Wheel

A virtual prize wheel adds a touch of novelty to your booth. Participants will be more willing to sign up for a chance to spin the wheel and win prizes customized to represent your brand. Tailor the colors and components of the virtual prize wheel to match your brand.

11. Challenge Bar Trivia

Set up trivia questions on a screen and allow participants to answer them. Participants earn points based on the complexity of their answers, and a leaderboard displays the highest scores. Collect participants' contact information for further follow-up.

12. Social Media Cutouts Contest

Social Media Game for Trade Show Encourage attendees to post photos at your booth on social media using a social media cutout. This not only spreads awareness of your booth but also creates a buzz on social media platforms. Ask participants to use a specific hashtag and tag your company in their posts to enter the contest, and post to multiple social outlets to increase entries.

Incorporating these trade show booth games into your exhibit will attract more attendees to your booth and increase brand awareness. Ensure that you actively engage participants and keep the games aligned with your brand message. Remember, the primary goal is to make a lasting impression and convert potential customers.

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