20 Travel Brochure Examples to Inspire Your Next Design

The Warm Sun on Your Cheeks, the Cool Wind at Your Back, and the Adventure of Local Street Eats - All in a Well-Designed Travel Brochure! If you think print marketing is outdated in this...

The Warm Sun on Your Cheeks, the Cool Wind at Your Back, and the Adventure of Local Street Eats - All in a Well-Designed Travel Brochure!

If you think print marketing is outdated in this smartphone age, think again! Travel brochures still hold immense value in the vacation planning process. In fact, according to a study by Bentley University, print brochures are the second most popular source of trip-planning information, with 85% of participants learning about new attractions through brochures and 73% considering changing their plans based on the information provided. So, if you want to capture the attention of potential clients and get them in the vacation mode, a well-designed brochure is a must!

The beauty of travel brochures lies not only in their impact on travelers but also in their versatility. With modern digital tools, you can effortlessly create both print and digital versions of your brochure, ensuring maximum reach and impact for your business.

Now, let's delve into some inspiring travel brochure examples to get those creative juices flowing!

City-Specific Travel Brochure Examples

City guides are an excellent way to help visitors orient themselves in a new place, especially when exploring on foot. These brochures typically include maps, highlights of key attractions, fun facts, and historical details. Here are a few standout examples:

1. Santorini, Greece

This travel brochure perfectly captures the essence of Santorini with its classic blue-and-white palette and mosaic-inspired tile patterns. The faux Greek font used adds an authentic touch reminiscent of stone-carved manuscripts. Santorini travel brochure with blue letters in Greek font So many attractions, so little time. License this image via icosha.

2. Macau, China

If you want to showcase the diverse cultural influences of a place, take a cue from this Macau city guide. It combines indigenous, Chinese, and Portuguese elements in a visually appealing grid layout. Macau travel brochure and walking guide with a detailed map of the city Multilingual travel brochures are extra versatile. Design by Ck Chiwai Cheang via Behance.

3. Singapore

Bold colors can make your brochure stand out, just like this vibrant Singapore city guide. It mirrors the city-state's street art scene and includes a well-crafted itinerary for visitors. Singapore travel brochure with a detailed map of places to visit This brochure makes it easy to see the Lion City. Image by Vanshika Kundaliya via Behance.

4. Tel Aviv, Israel

Creating a cohesive identity for your brochure can make a big impact. Take inspiration from this Tel Aviv walking map, which incorporates a cool motif drawn from Bialik Square. Man holding a brochure of a walking guide to Tel Aviv Oishee Sen’s Tel Aviv city guide has a color-coded legend. Image by Oishee Sen via Behance.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

Incorporating QR codes in your brochure adds a modern touch and makes it easy for viewers to access more information online. Look at this Istanbul travel brochure example, which features stunning photos and triangular shape cutouts for added interest. Istanbul travel brochure with stunning photos of the city Triangular shape cutouts add interest to photos. Design by Meghan Khatri via Behance.

6. Tokyo, Japan

This Tokyo travel brochure stands out with its flat-design map highlighting popular attractions and local recommendations. It offers visitors a comprehensive guide to experience the best of the city. Tokyo travel brochure with map illustrations of popular sites to visit Take in Tokyo with a colorful city guide by Pamela Pollescas. Image via Behance.

7. Budapest, Hungary

If you're going for a retro feel, take a look at this Budapest city guide. Its monochrome poppy orange color scheme, combined with a lightly textured screen-printed look, gives it a distinct 1960s vibe. Budapest walking tour guide with orange markers indicating popular visiting sites This brochure features a beautifully illustrated map by Laura Sasdi via Behance.

8. Krakow, Poland

If you have a wealth of information to share, this Krakow guide is an excellent example to follow. It effectively combines text, background boxes, dividing lines, and color coding to maintain a strong visual hierarchy while providing a comprehensive guide to the city. Goodtime Monty Krakow city guide with cartoon illustration of a man playing a trumpet This brochure wholeheartedly embraces readable retro fonts. Image via Behance.

9. Paris, France

This city guide advertises custom walking tours in Paris, utilizing an action-packed photo and a bold-type font. It effectively captures the essence of the city and includes critical information like website, phone number, and location to ensure a seamless experience for visitors. Brochure with a woman walking through the streets of Paris with illustrations of postcards on her back Don’t operate in Paris? Make this brochure work for any city by customizing it in Create.

10. Barcelona, Spain

For a whimsical introduction to Barcelona, take a look at this brochure. The quirky, uneven letterforms and oversized asterisks add a playful touch, while the sky blue background and white clouds complement the stunning photos. Barcelona travel brochure with uneven letterforms on a light blue background By Paula Cornejo via Behance, this travel brochure begs you to discover Barcelona.

Travel Brochure Examples for Cultural Sites and Tourist Attractions

In addition to city guides, brochures that focus on specific attractions, regions, or cultural sites can be incredibly impactful. They provide tourists with valuable information and capture the essence of the place they're visiting. Here are a few notable examples:

11. Villages of Crete, Greece

This guide, given to guests at a family-owned hotel in Crete, evokes a down-home, nostalgic look with its black-and-white photos, desaturated peach paper, and vintage grotesque font. It perfectly showcases the charm of Crete. Chronakis Home travel guide book on peach-colored background The birthplace of Zeus has never felt more contemporary. Design by Argyris Athanasiades via Behance.

12. Waters of Palawan, Philippines

Unsurprisingly, this brochure's stunning photos of beaches, water, and sunsets take center stage. The dark blue color palette and curving wave motif perfectly reflect the natural element of water. Palawan travel brochure with images of the beach, mountains, and sunsets Doesn’t a beach getaway sound nice? Design by Mark Geneblazo via Behance.

13. Wines of Bordeaux, France

This wine museum booklet captures the elegance of French wine through its understated beige and slate gray color palette and modern serif font. It's a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary design. Bordeaux travel brochure booklet with elegant images of wine-related themes Old World meets modern in this wine museum booklet by Daria Rul via Behance.

14. Aruba, South America

Aruba's stunning white beaches deserve a brochure that does justice to their beauty. This template showcases enticing attractions with minimal text, letting the pro-photos speak for themselves. Tri-fold brochure with images of a beach with mountains in the distance Love this tri-fold brochure design? Make it your own in Create.

15. Trails of Taiwan

Combining outdoor trail maps with historical guides can create a unique travel brochure experience. This example focuses on the natural beauty of Taiwan and the history of local indigenous peoples, incorporating informative illustrations. Hiking guide to Tamsui-Kavalan trails Taiwan with illustrations of indigenous people Who needs photos with illustrations like these? Image via Behance.

16. Railways of India

While this travel brochure is for a fictional railway, it serves as a great inspiration for any railway brochure. India has more than 20,000 trains, and each of them could benefit from a creative brochure design like this one. Darjeeling Limited travel brochure with a map of the area and colorful illustrations This brochure features a map and testimonials against a vibrant color palette. Design by Amy Lee via Behance.

17. Churches of Kaunas, Lithuania

Drawing inspiration from classic Orthodox iconography and church decor, this guide to Kaunas, Lithuania, perfectly reflects the religious sites it highlights. Hand-drawn illustrations and sketched tiling add a folksy and authentic feel. Pilgrim Anyone can go on a pilgrimage with this guide. Design by Ula Puzauskaite via Behance.

18. Mountains of Bolivia

This travel brochure highlights Bolivia's natural beauty, encouraging visitors to travel in an eco-friendly way. The earthy greens and browns contribute to the rustic feel, and the legend indicates various outdoor activities at each location. Ecotourism travel brochure with photos of popular sites Hiking, camping, and wildlife watching are all attractions in this brochure by Alvaro Pedraza Suarez via Behance.

19. Wildlife of South Africa

Capturing the essence of a destination in your brochure is crucial. This campground and safari travel guide achieves a rustic and authentic tone with its font and desert-friendly color choices. The brochure provides visitors with a comprehensive guide to enjoy their wildlife adventure. Brochure template with photo of an antelope in the desert under location information Customize this brochure template to highlight your unique adventure packages.

20. Beaches of Thailand

This Thailand travel brochure stands out with its creative text effects, including layering text over photos, text masks, and subtle color gradients. Such effects can easily be achieved using modern design tools. Thailand travel brochure with a picture of a person parasailing over the ocean An easy-to-read font allows for awesome text effects. Design by Prajith K via Behance.

If these twenty travel brochure examples haven't sparked your wanderlust, you must be one in a million! Now it's your turn to tell your travel story through a well-designed brochure. Get creative with one of Create's travel templates or start from scratch with a blank canvas. We can't wait to see the adventure-filled creations you'll come up with!

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