A Little Bit of Rest: Sebastian's Stylish Attire in La La Land

Much to everyone’s surprise, it took me a few weeks to actually see La La Land, a story about two struggling artists pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles. Sounds pretty familiar, right? After seeing the...

A Little Bit of Rest

Much to everyone’s surprise, it took me a few weeks to actually see La La Land, a story about two struggling artists pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles. Sounds pretty familiar, right? After seeing the film (which I loved by the way), I decided to write this article, which delves into Ryan Gosling’s (or his character Sebastian or “Seb”) style and attire in the film. Since the film is currently in theaters, the pictures I have included are pulled from paparazzi or behind-the-scenes images, but I’ll be sure to update them with actual screenshots once available. I’ll try to keep my article about the clothes, but there might be spoilers so beware!

Seb's Unique Style

Seb (Ryan Gosling) is a struggling artist living in LA. He’s a jazz pianist who dreams of opening his own club in an era where jazz is dying. Seb is a bit stubborn and stuck in his ways, with boxes of jazz albums and various memorabilia filling up his very bare apartment. His attachment to the old ways is apparent not only in his preferred style of jazz but even extends to his fashion choices.

Let me clarify right off the bat that Seb doesn’t dress in full vintage or in the 1930s or 1940s style, though many people may think he does. The film takes place in 2016, so his clothes are accurate to that time. La La Land may be a love letter to the Golden Age of Hollywood, but its characters don't dress in that era. There are no high waists, double-breasted suits, or large lapels.

If anything, Sebastian does a modern interpretation of the mid-1950s and early 1960s style. He wears slim-fit suits with semi-slim lapels, slim low-waisted pants, regular point collar dress shirts, and vintage late 1950s ties. His style is closer to what guys would wear to Dapper Day, a celebration of vintage fashion.

Sebastian's Style

The Best Dressed Leading Man

Sebastian's style, with a slight vintage twist, is one of the best among recent film characters. Just like leading men in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Seb’s attire is designed to make him stand out among the other characters in the film. His clothes are an extension of his character and serve as a visual focus.

Sebastian wears modern pants, sport coats, and suits as the movie takes place in our modern time. His jacket choices have a slight saturation to them, adding a touch of color to the predominantly plain outfits. He often opts for dark trousers, white shirts, and jackets in vibrant shades. While not overly flashy, his attire allows him to stand out in the colorful world of La La Land.

Seb's trousers are low-waisted, slim, and cuff-less, reflecting his obsession with the "old days." This style works well in modern times, as men today prefer slim-fitting trousers with no cuffs. Sebastian's preference for saturated jackets and plain colors maintains a classic look that can be easily replicated using mainstream brands.

From Jazz to Casual

As a jazz pianist, Seb doesn't make much money in the film, and his wardrobe reflects this. While we don't see much of his casual attire, what we do see is classic and versatile. He opts for dark trousers, white shirts, and jackets with a bit of color. Seb's jackets are cool, but they're not extravagant or overly special, probably purchased from popular clothing brands.

Sebastian Parker

Sebastian's casual style includes loop collar shirts, also known as sport shirts or 1940s-1960s vintage-inspired shirts. This unique collar shape is not commonly seen in modern shirts and adds a touch of vintage flair. Paired with high-rise trousers or denim, it creates a badass look reminiscent of the 1940s-1950s. It's a safe vintage look for guys who don't want to wear a suit but still want a fun, slightly retro vibe.

A Stylish Character with Modern and Vintage Touches

Overall, Sebastian's attire in La La Land strikes a balance between modern and vintage elements. It's a modern take on 1950s-1960s sartorial style, with plain pieces paired with vintage ties. His casual style brings in a clear vintage touch with loop collar shirts, showcasing his love for the "old style." The costumers did an excellent job developing Seb's attire, reflecting his character's passion for old school jazz.

Sebastian is undoubtedly one of the most well-dressed film characters of recent cinema. He embodies a modern take on vintage style, proving that you can incorporate fun, slightly retro elements into your wardrobe without going overboard. Whether you prefer a more conservative, old-school Golden Era look or a modern interpretation like Seb, his outfits serve as inspiration for stylish men looking to add personality to their attire.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Analyzing and writing about people's attire in film is always fun, especially when it involves sartorial or vintage-inspired fashion. Let me know if you'd like to see more articles like this or suggest a film for me to analyze next!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

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