Transform Your Life: A Journey to Health and Happiness

Introduction Welcome to the world of Lisa Spencer, the certified health and weight loss coach, lifestyle educator, and mind and body nourishment guide. In a world where anyone can claim expertise, Lisa stands out, delivering...


Welcome to the world of Lisa Spencer, the certified health and weight loss coach, lifestyle educator, and mind and body nourishment guide. In a world where anyone can claim expertise, Lisa stands out, delivering real results for her amazing clients. Whether it's your mind, your mojo, or your derriere, Lisa has got you covered. Let's dive into the stories of Lisa's clients and see how she has transformed their lives.

My Body & Mind Secret Sauce

Sarah Berman, an attorney, attests to the incredible value of working with Lisa. She describes Lisa as a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, who cuts to the root of any situation. Lisa's easy-going California style, laser-sharp intuition, and great sense of fun make her a joy to work with. Sarah has consistently achieved better results with Lisa than with any other health support she's experienced. Trusting Lisa implicitly, Sarah values the time she spends with her and recommends Lisa to anyone who wants real results.

Weight Loss and Digestive Healing

Lisa Spencer's expertise extends to weight loss and digestive healing. Max Daniels shares her journey from being overweight to achieving her lowest weight as an adult. Lisa taught Max how to fix her digestion, something that no other expert had been able to do. Max not only lost weight but also experienced a million times better quality of life. Lisa's deep knowledge, inventiveness, and fun-loving personality earn her Max's trust and gratitude.

Gaining Confidence and Cooking Healthy

Janet Todd's experience with Lisa during the Clean & Lean Group Cleanse was life-changing. She gained confidence in her eating habits, lost 12 pounds, and learned how to cook healthy food. Janet felt connected to a supportive community and appreciated Lisa's daily encouragements and audios. She enthusiastically recommends Lisa's programs to everyone she meets.

A Powerful Transformation

Lisa's Clean & Clear Cleanse has had a profound impact on Lucia's life. She initially worried about feeling deprived of her favorite foods, but the effort was well worth it. Lucia now feels clear and light, no longer relying on caffeine and sugar. She feels completely nourished and satisfied by her meals and lifestyle. The cleanse was a game-changer for Lucia, teaching her how to eat in the best way for her. Today, she enjoys delicious, whole foods and seamlessly fits her healthier choices into her lifestyle.

The Relaxed and Laid Back Expert

Working with Lisa is an incredible experience, as Heather Othmer, a real estate broker, can attest. Lisa's expertise and guidance have transformed Heather's world, both privately and through the Clean & Clear Cleanse. Heather highlights Lisa's relaxed and laid-back personality, which belies her meticulous organization and brilliance. Heather plans to utilize Lisa's professional consultation for life, grateful for the positive impact on her health and lifestyle.

Testimonials from Physicians and Professionals

Dr. Jodie Reinertson, a physician and woman who helps women look and feel their best, shares her skepticism about cleansing programs. However, Lisa's knowledge and expertise made her willing to give the Clean & Clear program a try. Dr. Reinertson achieved excellent results, including more energy, better sleep, weight loss, improved digestion, and enjoyable new self-care practices. She wholeheartedly endorses Lisa's program, knowing the significant positive changes it can bring.

A Wonderful Rapport with Clients

Brooke Castillo, a master coach instructor and author, is thrilled to have Lisa as one of her certified coaches. Lisa's leadership energy and rapport with her clients make her an invaluable asset. As a result, Lisa's clients, like Jackie Johnston and Tirzah Woods, have experienced fantastic results in weight loss, sugar cravings, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Lisa's programs are highly recommended by these satisfied clients.

A Personal Touch

Lisa's clientele extends beyond individuals seeking health and weight loss transformations. Connie Grant, co-president of Tochterman Management Group, highlights Lisa's fantastic leadership energy and ability to connect deeply with her clients. Lisa's impact is not limited to health and weight loss but extends to empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

A Commitment to Lifelong Emotional Eating and Body Image Issues

Lisa's work extends beyond health and weight loss. She helps individuals navigate lifelong emotional eating and body image issues. Clients like C.T. have experienced tremendous personal growth and transformation as a result of Lisa's guidance. The work they did together was the catalyst for positive changes, leading to increased self-confidence and a new sense of empowerment.

A Journey to Health and Happiness

Lisa's personal journey has shaped her into the coach and guide she is today. She understands the challenges and frustrations that come with aging and feeling discouraged about one's health. With her scientific and mindset-based approach, Lisa empowers individuals to break free from limitations and feel better than ever before.


Lisa Spencer's expertise, knowledge, and dedication have transformed the lives of her clients. From weight loss to digestive healing, Lisa's programs have delivered real results. Her relaxed and friendly approach, combined with her deep understanding and extensive experience, make her a trusted and invaluable resource. If you're ready to embark on a journey to health and happiness, Lisa is the guide you need.

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