The Legend Continues: American Hat Company - Crafting Quality Cowboy Hats for Over a Century

Susan Maddox 2019 (left), Susan and Keith Maddox 2017 (right) From humble beginnings in 1915 to becoming a legendary name in the western industry, American Hat Company has been at the forefront of crafting the...

About Us Susan Maddox 2019 (left), Susan and Keith Maddox 2017 (right)

From humble beginnings in 1915 to becoming a legendary name in the western industry, American Hat Company has been at the forefront of crafting the finest cowboy hats for over a century. The story begins with Sam Silver, who opened his first hat store in Houston, Texas. Little did he know that his legacy would endure through generations.

A Legacy Carried Forward

As Sam Silver's son, Bubba Silver, grew up, he learned the art of hat-making from his father. In 1949, Bubba took the reins and introduced the revolutionary waterproof straw hats, a trademark that still sets American Hat Company apart from the competition. The company has always prided itself on producing hats that maintain shape and color, making them the preferred choice among professional cowboys.

In 1984, Bill and Billie George became the proud owners of American Hat Company, followed by Keith and Susan Maddox, who now oversee the company's operations from their headquarters in Bowie, Texas. Keith, a true icon in the western industry, has dedicated his life to upholding the values and traditions of the American cowboy.

A Journey of Perseverance and Passion

Born and raised on a ranch, Keith Maddox's love for the cowboy lifestyle drove him to excel in professional rodeoing. His journey in the western industry began with renowned boot brands like Tony Lama and Larry Mahan. However, his entrepreneurial spirit and determination urged him to acquire American Hat Company. Though the initial deal fell through, Keith's undeterred spirit led him to establish The Best Hat Store in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards in 1996.

Seven years later, a twist of fate presented Keith with an opportunity to buy American Hat Company, which was on the brink of bankruptcy. Despite facing immense challenges, including a devastating fire that wiped out millions of dollars worth of inventory, Keith's resilience and unwavering belief in the company's potential allowed him to steer American Hat Company back on track.

A New Chapter and a Timeless Legacy

Sadly, Keith Maddox, known as The Hat King, passed away in 2019, leaving behind a legacy that has shaped the western industry. A celebration of his life held at the Cowtown Coliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards drew Western industry legends from far and wide. Keith's wife, Susan Maddox, has since taken on the role of the Hat Queen, continuing Keith's vision and ensuring American Hat Company's commitment to excellence.

The American Hat Company remains dedicated to crafting the most recognizable piece of clothing in the world - the cowboy hat. With a focus on style, quality, and durability, their hats are a testament to the traditions and values of the iconic American Cowboy. Each hand-woven hat undergoes a meticulous inspection process, and their straw hats are double lacquered and double pressed for added durability.

The American Difference

Only one brand lives up to the standard of style, quality, and durability expected from an American-made product - American Hat Company. They take pride in designing new weaves and offering hats with an open and flat brim, giving customers the freedom to shape their hat according to their own personal style. When it comes to durability, American Hat Company's hats are built to withstand any challenge, be it rain, mud, or shine.

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

For over a century, American Hat Company has remained committed to producing handmade cowboy hats of the finest quality. Their dedication to tradition and classic style is a testament to their Texas roots. Whether you're in need of a saddle, boots, or a timeless cowboy hat, American Hat Company is the name you can trust.

About Us Keith Maddox, The Hat King (1949-2019)

As American Hat Company looks ahead to the next 100 years, their goal is simple - to continue providing customers with the finest quality, American-made cowboy hats. They take pride in their craftsmanship and aim to deliver hats that customers can proudly put their name on and sell to their own customers.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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