Alexander Vlahos: The Evolution of an Artist

Introduction In the world of entertainment, few actors possess the versatility and passion of Alexander Vlahos. From his iconic roles in "Merlin," "Sanditon," "Versailles," and "Outlander," to his newfound love for directing, Vlahos has captivated...


In the world of entertainment, few actors possess the versatility and passion of Alexander Vlahos. From his iconic roles in "Merlin," "Sanditon," "Versailles," and "Outlander," to his newfound love for directing, Vlahos has captivated audiences with his talent and charisma. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Vlahos's journey from actor to director, the challenges he faced along the way, and his commitment to telling stories that matter.

Alexander Vlahos Alexander Vlahos speaking at an event

Embracing Change

While filming the final season of "Versailles," Vlahos experienced a profound shift in his perspective. Rather than finding ease in his role after three seasons, he felt a sense of frustration and the desire for something more. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for directing. "Being a director - being able to have control in the edit, being able to make casting decisions... I wouldn't say it was a specific epiphany moment, but it was a sort of progression of feeling uneasy about acting and wanting to give [directing] a go."

A Gift to the Fans

Vlahos, known for his warm relationship with his fans, sees his upcoming event as a way to express his gratitude. "I have been blessed in my career to have four very strong fandoms - Merlin, Sanditon, Versailles, and Outlander. In the last couple of years, I have been... not stepping away from acting - I'll always be an actor - but directing is where my passion lies, and I am so honored that the fans from each fandom have taken it upon themselves to be interested in my directing. This event is my gift to the fans."

The Power of Collaboration

As Vlahos embarked on his directing journey, he discovered that his experiences behind the camera enhanced his abilities as an actor. Collaborating with exceptional directors enabled him to have meaningful conversations beyond the traditional actor-director dynamic. He realized that by understanding the director's vision and facilitating their shots, he could save time and create a more efficient working environment. It's a testament to his commitment to the craft and his desire to go above and beyond.

Lifting the Veil on Important Themes

Vlahos's short films tackle a range of impactful subjects, including human nature, LGBTQ+ representation, and mental health. With a personal connection to these themes, having been diagnosed with depression and ADHD, he aims to shed light on the universal experiences that shape our lives. His commitment to authenticity in LGBTQ+ representation is unwavering, as he reflects on how casting choices have evolved in recent years. "If Versailles were made now, I wouldn't be cast as Philippe, and I find that a really interesting topic."

Changing Perceptions and Welsh Representation

Beyond his work as an actor and director, Vlahos is passionate about changing the perception of his Welsh homeland in the entertainment industry. He believes that Wales deserves more prominent on-screen representation, comparing it to the successful portrayal of Scotland in "Outlander." As a Welsh language speaker himself, his aspiration is to bring Welsh stories and talent to the forefront, capturing the essence of the nation's unique identity.

The Next Chapter

"An Evening with Alexander Vlahos" not only signifies a celebration of his accomplishments but also marks the beginning of a new chapter in his directing career. With several feature films in development, Vlahos is ready to take on new challenges and embrace the confidence that comes with experience. It is undoubtedly the end of an era, but as Vlahos emphasizes, it is also the right time.

Alexander Vlahos Event An Evening with Alexander Vlahos event poster


Alexander Vlahos's journey from actor to director is an inspiring testament to the power of following one's passion. His dedication to storytelling, commitment to authentic representation, and desire to make a difference shine through in every endeavor. As fans eagerly anticipate "An Evening with Alexander Vlahos" and the future projects he has in store, it is clear that Vlahos's artistic evolution is far from over.