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And we have another exciting list this week, with everything from '70s classics like The French Connection and Mean Streets to modern greats like Moonlight, so there really is something for everyone. With so many...

And we have another exciting list this week, with everything from '70s classics like The French Connection and Mean Streets to modern greats like Moonlight, so there really is something for everyone. With so many amazing films airing, we've compiled a list of the best flicks for you to choose from below.

Friday 26th January

Warlock - 11:55am, 5 Action

Warlock Western drama starring Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, and Anthony Quinn. When the townspeople of Warlock decide to take a stand against a group of hellraising cowboys, they find their choice of an aging marshal brings its own problems.

Scarface - 9pm, Film4

Scarface Gangster drama starring Al Pacino. Having lied his way into the US from Cuba, two-bit criminal Tony Montana murders a political agitator to get a green card. From then on, he pursues the American Dream with violent, ruthless efficiency - no matter what the cost.

Lethal Weapon 4 - 10pm, Channel 5

Lethal Weapon 4 Action comedy thriller starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, and Joe Pesci. Los Angeles detectives Riggs and Murtaugh return to do battle with a Chinese crime syndicate smuggling immigrants into the US.

Effie Gray - 11:15pm, BBC Two

Effie Gray Period drama based on a true story, starring Dakota Fanning, Tom Sturridge, Greg Wise, and Emma Thompson. In 1848, 19-year-old Euphemia "Effie" Gray marries acclaimed art critic and historian John Ruskin, but a combination of her innocence and his sexual dysfunction means their relationship is fraught with frustration. However, when Effie falls in love with Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais, the result is a scandalous court case that outrages Victorian society.

Saturday 27th January

The Diary of Anne Frank - 12:30pm, BBC Two

The Diary of Anne Frank Biographical wartime drama starring Millie Perkins, Joseph Schildkraut, and Shelley Winters. Amsterdam, 1942: following the Nazi occupation of Holland, draconian laws imposed against the Jews force Otto Frank, his wife, and two daughters, Anne and Margot, to hide out in a space above a friend's factory. Along with the Van Daan family, they can never leave and must remain silent during the day, so to pass the time Anne, an aspiring journalist, decides to write a diary about her life. Her account will go on to become one of the most important pieces of literature to emerge from the Second World War.

Batman - 3:35pm, Talking Pictures TV

Batman Action comedy based on the 1960s TV series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Gotham City's famous crimefighters, Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo faces their toughest case when their arch enemies - Penguin, Joker, Riddler, and Catwoman - team up to take over the world.

The Straight Story - 4:30pm, Film4

The Straight Story Road movie based on a true story, starring Richard Farnsworth. In 1994, Alvin Straight, a 73-year-old widower, sets out on a journey from Laurens, Iowa, to Mt Zion, Wisconsin, to make peace with his ailing brother. Denied a driver's license, Straight uses the only means of transport available to him - his 1966 John Deere motorized lawnmower.

The Dam Busters - 6:25pm, 5 Action

The Dam Busters Classic wartime drama, starring Richard Todd and Michael Redgrave, about the audacious RAF mission to destroy the Ruhr dams with "bouncing" bombs designed by aeronautical engineer Barnes Wallis.

Gangs of New York - 9:45pm, Channel 4

Gangs of New York Oscar-nominated period crime drama from director Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Daniel Day-Lewis. New York in the mid-19th century: young boy Amsterdam Vallon witnesses his father's death in a bloody battle between rival street gangs. Years later, Amsterdam worms his way into the group responsible, determined to wipe out its sinister leader, Bill "the Butcher" Cutting.

Sunday 28th January

Early Man - 2:40pm, BBC One

Early Man Young Dug's sheltered life with his Stone Age tribe is shattered by bronze-mining invaders led by greedy Lord Nooth. To win his home back, desperate Dug gambles on challenging these more sophisticated folks in a contest they love, but he only knows from rock paintings - football. Director Nick Park's animated adventure, with the voices of Eddie Redmayne, Timothy Spall, Rob Brydon, Miriam Margolyes, and Johnny Vegas.

Steel Magnolias - 4pm, Channel 4

Steel Magnolias Comedy drama starring Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, and Julia Roberts. In a small Louisiana town, a diverse group of women connected by their local beauty salon draw upon each other's friendship when they are confronted by tragedy.

The Sting - 5:20pm, ITV4

The Sting Paul Newman and Robert Redford star in this Oscar-winning period crime caper as conmen Henry Gondorff and Johnny Hooker, who plan an elaborate racing scam at the expense of powerful racket boss Doyle Lonnegan.

Titanic - 8pm, Comedy Central

Titanic James Cameron's Oscar-winning blockbuster, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. During the Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912, penniless artist Jack Dawson falls in love with socialite Rose DeWitt Bukater, who is traveling with her fiancé. Years later, Rose relives the affair and the tragic events that followed, while a salvage crew searches for a priceless diamond said to have been lost in the shipwreck.

The French Connection - 10pm, BBC Two

The French Connection Oscar-winning crime drama starring Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey, and Roy Scheider. Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle, a relentlessly tough New York policeman, becomes obsessed with smashing a narcotics ring operating between Marseille and the USA.

Monday 29th January

The Lost City of Z - 9pm, Film4

The Lost City of Z Period adventure based on a true story, starring Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson. In the early 1900s, British explorer Percy Fawcett embarks on a quest through the Amazon jungle, meeting with intrigue and frustration as he attempts to uncover evidence of an ancient civilization.

Enemy of the State - 9pm, 5 Action

Enemy of the State Conspiracy thriller starring Will Smith, Gene Hackman, and Jon Voight. Successful lawyer Robert Clayton Dean is out shopping when he unwittingly becomes the custodian of evidence to a political murder. Soon the bewildered Dean is on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of a sinister adversary who has an arsenal of hi-tech surveillance gadgetry at his disposal.

Misery - 11:35pm, Film4

Misery Psychological thriller based on the novel by Stephen King, starring James Caan and Kathy Bates. In a remote area of the Colorado Mountains, successful novelist Paul Sheldon is injured in a car accident and taken in by ex-nurse Annie Wilkes, a devoted fan of Sheldon and his fictional heroine Misery Chastain. But events take a sinister turn when the novelist allows Wilkes to read a proof of his latest book.

Tuesday 30th January

The Hunt for Red October - 9pm, Film4

The Hunt for Red October Cold War action thriller starring Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, and Scott Glenn. The trial voyage of the new Soviet submarine Red October does not go as expected. Equipped with an experimental new propulsion system that makes it virtually impossible to track and captained by the enigmatic Marko Ramius, the heavily armed vessel heads for America. Is Ramius about to launch an undetectable, pre-emptive nuclear strike?

The Other - 11pm, Talking Pictures TV

The Other A woman raises her grandson to be loving and gentle, unaware his supposedly dead twin brother is very much alive and well - and is the complete opposite in every way. Thriller, starring Uta Hagen, Chris Udvarnoky, Martin Udvarnoky, Diana Muldaur, Victor French, and John Ritter.

Moonlight - 12:05pm, BBC Two

Moonlight Coming-of-age romantic drama directed by Barry Jenkins, starring Trevante Rhodes and Naomie Harris. Against the background of a poor Miami neighborhood, a sensitive young African-American boy struggles to cope with his drug-addicted mother and come to terms with his sexual identity.

Wednesday 31st January

Gunfight at OK Corral - 2:50pm, Film4

Gunfight at OK Corral Classic western starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. US Marshal Wyatt Earp tries to keep the peace in the lawless West of the 1870s. His chief adversary is the Clanton gang, but he also finds himself up against Doc Holliday, a dentist turned gambler, with a dim regard for the law. Doc's attitude changes when Earp rescues him from a mob, and the two join forces against the Clantons. After chasing the gang from Dodge City to Tombstone, both sides face each other in the legendary gunfight at the OK Corral.

Meek’s Cutoff - 3:05pm, Great Action

Meek’s Cutoff Western starring Michelle Williams and Bruce Greenwood. In 1845, a wagon train of three pioneer families is led astray in the Oregon mountains by their guide Stephen Meek. Their quest for a new life quickly descends into a scramble for survival, and it falls to young bride Emily Tetherow to attempt to find a solution.

Mean Streets - 11:20pm, Film4

Mean Streets Martin Scorsese's drama starring Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro. In New York's Little Italy, four young hustler friends while away their time by indulging in petty crime and drinking in Tony's bar. But Johnny Boy's unpredictable behavior and his refusal to pay back his debts threaten his friendship with Charlie, causing increasing tension among the group.

Thursday 1st February

Forever and a Day - 11:20am, Talking Pictures TV

Forever and a Day An English household suffers through a series of challenges from 1804 to the dark days of the Second World War, illustrated by a series of dramatic scenes from each period in the family's turbulent history. Drama, starring Anna Neagle, Ray Milland, and Claude Rains.

Millions Like Us - 5pm, Talking Pictures TV

Millions Like Us Second World War drama starring Eric Portman and Patricia Roc. A young woman working in an aircraft factory falls in love with an air gunner. Meanwhile, her family and friends struggle to cope with the hardships of life during conflict.

Room at the Top - 10:10pm, Talking Pictures TV

Room at the Top Drama based on John Braine's novel, starring Laurence Harvey and Simone Signoret. Having spent several years as a PoW, Joe Lampton finds a job in a small Yorkshire town which is "ruled" by Mr. Brown, a millionaire industrialist, and determines to better himself, though not necessarily through hard work.

Friday 2nd February

The Guns of Navarone - 12:35pm, Film4

The Guns of Navarone Classic Second World War adventure, based on Alistair MacLean's bestseller, starring Gregory Peck, David Niven, and Anthony Quinn. Buried deep in the solid rock of a cliff and impregnable to assault by plane or ship, the German guns on the Greek island of Navarone must be destroyed if the lives of two thousand British soldiers are to be saved. A crack team of commandos is assembled for this perilous mission, each with a special and deadly talent.

They Live - 9:05pm, Talking Pictures TV

They Live Science-fiction thriller starring Roddy Piper. A drifter looking for work pitches up in a new town and finds a place to stay in a church-run shantytown, where he becomes fascinated by a pirate TV broadcast. However, his curiosity soon turns to horror when he puts on a pair of special sunglasses that give him a sinister new insight into the world.

Relic - 11:05pm, BBC Two

Relic Supernatural horror mystery starring Emily Mortimer, Robyn Nevin, and Bella Heathcote. When elderly Edna is reported missing, her daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam begin searching her large, rural house for clues. But then Edna emerges, confused and disoriented. Is her dementia getting worse, or is something more sinister going on?

Thoroughbreds - 12:05am, Channel 4

Thoroughbreds Comedy crime drama starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Olivia Cooke, and Anton Yelchin. High school student Amanda becomes a social pariah when she brutally euthanizes her horse. After reconnecting with her more popular childhood friend, Lily, she discovers Lily has her own problems in the form of a tyrannical stepfather. Amanda has the perfect solution: murder.

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