Best Host Travel Agencies of 2023 | The Ultimate Luminary Awards!

Developing the Luminary Awards in 2019 was HAR's way of celebrating host companies that truly stand out in terms of transparency, advisor support, and engagement on HAR's site. These awards have become an integral part...

Developing the Luminary Awards in 2019 was HAR's way of celebrating host companies that truly stand out in terms of transparency, advisor support, and engagement on HAR's site. These awards have become an integral part of our mission to recognize and appreciate exceptional host agencies in a truly epic way.

At Host Agency Reviews, we believe in going all out, as you can tell from our casual Friday Host Week attire featuring astronaut helmets. We got pretty nerdy about our awards, developing our own metrics to ensure fairness for hosts of every size. And yes, our awards have a space-themed touch. The best part? Every host listed on our site qualifies for these prestigious awards!

Curious to know who the standout host agencies in 2023 were? Keep reading!

The Best Host Agencies in 2023

Finding the perfect host agency is subjective. What may work for one travel advisor may not necessarily be the best fit for another. That's why our Luminary Awards recognize host agencies that actively engage with the advisor community and provide exceptional support to help people like you find the best host out there.

The 5 Best Host Travel Agency Award Categories

Let's dive into the award categories for the Luminary Awards. We recognize hosts in four different ways:

Supernova Award

The Supernova Award goes to hosts that received at least one new review in the previous year and maintain an average star rating of 4+. These hosts are like stars on the brink of exploding, shining bright with their exceptional services and support.

HAR Top Host Agency Supernova Award Badge The 2023 Host Agency Reviews Supernova Award Winners

Nebula Award

The Nebula Award recognizes host agencies that have accumulated the highest number of new reviews. They are like distant clouds of light, attracting the attention of new travel agent ICs. Drumroll please...

HAR Top Host Agency Nebula Award Badge The 2023 Host Agency Reviews Nebula Award Winners

Constellation Award

Just like stars are more interesting when they gather in groups, the Constellation Award honors host agencies that actively engage with readers on their Host Agency Reviews' profile. These hosts go the extra mile by answering questions and responding to reviews, ensuring that you are well-informed.

HAR Top Host Agency Constellation Award Badge The 2023 Host Agency Reviews Constellation Award Winners

Data Scientist Award

At Host Agency Reviews, we love data! This award recognizes the host agencies and franchises that actively participate in our surveys, making our data all the more valuable. They deserve special recognition for their efforts in providing us with valuable insights through our income survey and fee survey.

HAR Top Host Agency Data Scientist Award Badge The 2023 Host Agency Reviews Data Scientist Award Winners

The Galaxy Award!!!

The Galaxy Award is the pinnacle of Luminary achievement. It honors host agencies that have excelled in all four other categories. Winning the Galaxy Award is no small feat, as it requires exceptional performance across the board. These hosts are truly the crème de la crème.

The Best Host Agency: 2021 Galaxy Award

See Past Luminary Award Winners!

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That's a Wrap (for Now)

A big high five to all the best travel host agencies and franchises in 2022 that were recognized with Host Agency Reviews' industry awards! We applaud their dedication to providing stellar resources and support to both burgeoning and established agents.

Stay tuned for next January, when we unveil the hosts returning to claim their prizes and the newcomers on the HAR award circuit!

You Want to Win a 2024 Luminary Award? Here's How!

If you're eager to win a Luminary Award, we have some exciting news for you. This year, we have expanded the host size categories to ensure fair competition regardless of a host's size. We want to create an even playing field for all!

To determine our award winners, we tally up the data from the previous year. Here are the details:

Supernova Criteria:

  • All hosts must have a 4+ star rating and at least one new review from the previous year.
  • X-Small (≤24): ≥ 2 total reviews
  • Small (25 - 99): ≥ 7 total reviews
  • Medium (100 - 499): ≥ 12 total reviews
  • Large (500 - 999): ≥ 50 total reviews
  • X-Large (1,000+): ≥ 100 total reviews

Nebula Criteria:

  • Nebula awards hosts for new reviews:
  • X-Small (<24): ≥1 new review
  • Small (25 - 99): ≥ 3 new reviews
  • Medium (100 - 499): ≥5 new reviews
  • Large (500 - 999): ≥10 new reviews
  • X-Large (1,000+): ≥15 new reviews

Constellation Criteria:

  • This award tracks a host's number of interactions through onsite Q&A and/or responses to reviews.
  • X-Small (≤24): ≥ 1 interaction
  • Small (25 - 99): ≥ 3 interactions
  • Medium (100 - 499): ≥5 interactions
  • Large (500 - 999): ≥10 interactions
  • X-Large (1,000+): ≥15 interactions

Data Scientist Criteria:

  • This award is for the number of host's ICs who take our surveys.
  • X-Small (≤24): ≥ 2 respondents
  • Small (25 - 99): ≥ 7 respondents
  • Medium (100 - 499): ≥ 12 respondents
  • Large (500 - 999): ≥ 50 respondents
  • X-Large (1,000+): ≥ 100 respondents

Galaxy Criteria:

  • The Galaxy Award is reserved for hosts who have won an award in every other category. These are truly the sweepers!

So, gear up and aim for a Luminary Award in 2024! We can't wait to celebrate your achievements.