The Deuter Fox 40: A Backpack for Young Explorers

Kids love adventure, and what better way to fuel their excitement than with the Deuter Fox 40 backpack? Designed to let them carry their own gear on backpacking trips, this backpack is a game-changer. With...

Kids love adventure, and what better way to fuel their excitement than with the Deuter Fox 40 backpack? Designed to let them carry their own gear on backpacking trips, this backpack is a game-changer. With a wide range of adjustability, it fits different torso lengths, ensuring a comfortable fit for your little explorers.

A Perfect Fit for Little Adventurers

I recently purchased the Deuter Fox 40 for my kids to lighten the load on our upcoming backpacking trip. As soon as they saw it, their eyes lit up with excitement. Each child took turns trying it on and to our delight, it fit them perfectly. The adjustable shoulder straps made it easy to customize the fit for each child. Even my wife, who is 5'3", found it comfortable at its largest size.

Enjoying the Weight of Adventure

To put the backpack to the test, I added around 12 pounds of gear and let my kids roam around the house with it on. They had a blast! Encouraged by their enthusiasm, we took the backpack outside for a 1+ mile walk around the neighborhood. The older kids took turns carrying it, and to my surprise, they didn't complain about the weight. They found the backpack comfortable, despite my haphazard packing, which didn't distribute the weight evenly.

The side compression straps did an excellent job of keeping everything in place, even with only 30-40% of the capacity being used.

Room for Improvement

While the Deuter Fox 40 is an excellent backpack overall, there are a couple of minor downsides. Firstly, the top lid is not removable to function as a small daypack or fanny pack. While this isn't a deal-breaker, it would have been a fantastic addition. Additionally, the side pockets, while convenient, don't add any extra capacity to the bag. They expand into the pack itself, reducing the space available in the main interior pocket.

IMG_3618.jpg Caption: The Deuter Fox 40 in action

We haven't had the chance to take this backpack on a full-scale backpacking trip yet, but so far, I couldn't be happier with its quality, strap adjustability, and comfort for my kids.

A Test of Strength and Endurance

In August 2017, I finally had the opportunity to take the Deuter Fox 40 on a proper backpacking trip with my now 8-year-old son. The trip took us to the picturesque High Uintas Mountains, where we were joined by my brother-in-law, his wife, and their three young children. As my brother-in-law had to carry gear for his kids, I decided to have my son carry more of his own equipment.

Packed with a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, change of clothes, a swimsuit and towel, a jacket, a bag of trail mix, and a Camelbak bladder full of water, the backpack weighed around 15 pounds. Despite the weight, my son handled it like a champ. He even ran along the trail with enthusiasm, something he rarely does on our regular hikes.

Boulder-Lake-2018-1.jpg Caption: A memorable trip to Boulder Lake in 2018

The Deuter Fox 40 proved its worth, offering ample space in the main compartment for my son's gear. The top lid pocket provided extra room, and the side straps allowed us to attach additional gear or adjust the carrying style.

A Backpack that Grows with Your Child

Over the years, my son has joined me on many more trips using the Deuter Fox 40, and he has never complained about discomfort. As he has grown older and stronger, I have been able to gradually add heavier items to his pack. On a family trip in 2019, he carried some of the heavier gear without any issues.

Wall-Lake-2019-2.jpg Caption: A father-son adventure at Wall Lake in 2019

As my son enters his tenth year, he may soon require a larger backpack for his gear. However, his two younger brothers are ready to step into the Deuter Fox 40 and create their own adventures. This backpack has been a reliable companion, and I look forward to many more years of use.

So, if you're looking for a backpack to ignite your child's passion for the outdoors and give them the joy of carrying their gear, the Deuter Fox 40 is an exceptional choice. Let their wanderlust take flight and watch them grow into confident and capable young explorers.