Do Women Enjoy Being Spanked? Unveiling the Fascinating Statistics and Figures

Introduction: Spanking has become increasingly popular in recent years, but have you ever wondered why it is so exciting? In this article, we delve deeper into the world of spanking and explore the question: do...

Introduction: Spanking has become increasingly popular in recent years, but have you ever wondered why it is so exciting? In this article, we delve deeper into the world of spanking and explore the question: do women actually enjoy being spanked? Join us as we uncover the intriguing statistics and figures that shed light on this intimate topic.

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Women's Perspective: Many women express enjoyment when it comes to being spanked during sexual encounters. In fact, among women in the kink community, it is almost universally loved. It's important to ask for consent, but chances are your partner, whether male or female, may be into it. Let's take a closer look at the data supporting this.

Do Women Like to Be Spanked?

do women liked to be spanked

According to research, 95.7% of kinky women confirmed their participation in giving or receiving spankings, ranking spanking as the 3rd most popular BDSM-related behavior [^2^]. It's worth noting that sexual spanking is a form of roleplay that contributes to mutual pleasure. Additionally, studies have shown that spanking can stimulate vaginal nerve endings when done correctly [^3^].

Numerous surveys reveal that 70% of women are turned on by spanking during sexual activity [^3^]. Another survey conducted in 1998 found that 38% of women have engaged in spanking during sex [^4^]. A more recent study of undergraduate students shows that 46% of female participants have either spanked or been spanked sexually [^5^]. These findings reflect the high prevalence of spanking as a pleasurable sexual act among women.

How Hard and How Often is Spanking Enjoyed?

Spanking Intensity

The intensity of spanking varies among individuals and is always dependent on personal preferences and boundaries. A study on undergraduates revealed that the frequency and intensity of spanking differed among genders. Interestingly, 53.6% of men admitted to spanking their partners more than five times, while 15.6% of women engaged in the same frequency [^5^].

When it comes to leaving marks, only 4.5% of women reported having been spanked hard enough to leave a mark more than five times, compared to 27.5% of males [^5^]. These findings demonstrate the diversity in spanking preferences, as some individuals enjoy a more intense experience while others prefer a lighter touch.

Understanding the Psychological Aspects

Spanking Psychology

Spanking is a curious phenomenon, and many people struggle to explain why it brings them pleasure. Research on masochism and sadism sheds light on the psychological reasons behind this unique sexual preference. Testimonies from participants reveal intriguing insights:

  • 78% of testimonies suggest an intrinsic interest in masochism, where the desire has always been present but without a clear explanation.
  • 22% of testimonies attribute the interest in masochism to extrinsic factors, such as childhood experiences, parental discipline, or positive operant learning [^7^].

These findings indicate the complex interplay between personal history and external factors in shaping individuals' preference for spanking.

The Influence of Pornography

Spanking in Pornography

Pornography often mirrors real-life preferences, and spanking is no exception. Spanking is prevalent in 75.3% of popular porn scenes, suggesting its popularity among viewers. Interestingly, women are spanked significantly more frequently than men in these scenes [^8^]. The portrayal of spanking in pornography helps reinforce its appeal and encourages individuals to explore this sexual activity.

Why Do Women Spank?

Reasons for Spanking

While we have primarily focused on women being spanked, it is important to acknowledge that many women also enjoy being the ones doing the spanking. The reasons behind this preference can vary, but they often involve power dynamics and the experience of pain. Here are some insights:

  • 46% of testimonies suggest that power dynamics play a significant role, including giving power to someone else or experiencing physical restraint [^7^].
  • 37% of testimonies highlight the appeal of pain, whether receiving physical pain or specifically indulging in spanking [^7^].
  • Cognition also plays a role, with some individuals seeking an altered state of consciousness or aiming to achieve focus and relaxation [^7^].

These motivations illustrate the multifaceted nature of women's preferences when it comes to spanking.


Spanking adds excitement and a playful dynamic to sexual encounters. Whether on the giving or receiving end of a spanking, people of all genders and sexes can find pleasure in this activity. For women, the enjoyment of spanking is widespread, as evidenced by studies and surveys. Spanking taps into deep psychological desires and can contribute to both power dynamics and physical stimulation.

It is important to emphasize that consent is paramount in any sexual activity, including spanking. When practiced responsibly, spanking provides a safe and exciting way to explore pain and power dynamics in a consensual manner. So, if you've primarily experienced being spanked or being the spanker, consider switching roles during your next intimate encounter - you might discover new dimensions of pleasure.

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