Exploring the Hot Fuzz Filming Locations in Wells

If you're a fan of the Cornetto Trilogy and enjoy the witty and action-packed films of Edgar Wright, then Hot Fuzz is likely one of your favorites. Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this hilarious...


If you're a fan of the Cornetto Trilogy and enjoy the witty and action-packed films of Edgar Wright, then Hot Fuzz is likely one of your favorites. Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this hilarious movie references every 90s action flick and brings a unique twist to the buddy cop genre.

What you might not know is that Hot Fuzz was filmed in the charming city of Wells, England. As the smallest city in the country, Wells provided the perfect backdrop for the fictional village of Sandford. During my recent visit to Wells, I couldn't contain my excitement as I discovered the various filming locations scattered throughout the city. So, if you're planning a trip to Wells or just want to relive the movie magic, here are the top Hot Fuzz filming spots to check out:

The Swan Hotel


The Swan Hotel is the first location you see in the movie when Sergeant Angel (Simon Pegg) arrives in Sandford. While the interiors were filmed elsewhere, the exterior shots were filmed right here in Wells. Staying at The Swan Hotel gives you the unique opportunity to say that you've experienced the same hotel as seen in Hot Fuzz. It may be simple, but the bragging rights are worth it!

City News


Take a short walk from The Swan Hotel, and you'll find City News, the corner store where Sergeant Angel and Danny (Nick Frost) buy their endless supply of Cornetto ice cream. While the interiors may look a bit different, the shop is still recognizable, and you can indulge in your very own Cornetto while exploring the filming location.

Market Place


Wells' Market Place is perhaps the most iconic spot in the movie, featuring prominently in several key scenes. This is where Sergeant Angel meets Danny for the first time, and it's also the location of the thrilling shoot-out towards the end of the film. You can retrace their steps and imagine the action unfolding as you explore this lively square.

The Crown Pub


The Crown Pub is where Angel and Danny often go for a drink in the movie. While the interiors were filmed elsewhere, the exterior shots were captured at The Crown Pub in Wells. Besides its connection to Hot Fuzz, this pub is known for hosting the film's premiere party, making it a must-visit for fans.

Bishop's Palace


Bishop's Palace served as the filming location for the NWA meetings in the movie. This beautiful historic building offers visitors the chance to explore the Great Hall, Chapel, and 14 acres of gardens. Even if you don't venture inside, admiring the Palace's exterior is a treat in itself, especially with its scenic moat filled with swans.



Formerly a Somerfield supermarket, this filming location is now a Peacocks store. While the interior scenes were filmed elsewhere, you can still visit the building and imagine the intense moments when Sergeant Angel chases a shoplifter. Explore the back of the store to see the car park where the police prepare to storm the supermarket.

Wells Recreation Ground


Just across from the Peacocks Car Park lies Wells Recreation Ground, which made a cameo appearance in Hot Fuzz. Although its exact filming location is obscured by a new play park, you can still see the trees that lined the field in the film. Take a stroll in this picturesque spot and let your imagination transport you to the movie's thrilling moments.

High Street


The bustling High Street of Wells features in several scenes of Hot Fuzz. Keep an eye out for the moment when Angel slides across the bonnet of a car, as well as the unforgettable horseback ride. You can visit the street to soak up the atmosphere and reenact some of these memorable moments.

St Cuthbert's Church


St Cuthbert's Church is where Sandford's fete takes place in the movie. This beautiful church witnessed the comedic chaos that unfolded during the fair. Step inside to see where the Fuzz discuss their next moves, or visit the churchyard and pay respects at the grave of Danny's mother, also featured in the film.

Little Theatre


Located down Chamberlain Street, the Little Theatre served as the exterior filming location for the theater scene in Hot Fuzz. Although the interiors were filmed elsewhere, this community theater hosts various local productions, making it a vibrant spot worth visiting.

These are just a few of the many Hot Fuzz filming locations you can explore in Wells. Immerse yourself in the world of the Cornetto Trilogy and relive the hilarious moments as you visit these iconic spots. So, grab a Cornetto, hop on a train to Wells, and embark on your very own Hot Fuzz adventure!

What about you? Have you seen Hot Fuzz? Which movie from the Cornetto Trilogy is your favorite? Would you visit Wells to check out the filming locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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