Getting To Know Breeze Airways – Key Facts Before You Fly

Breeze Airways: Your Gateway to Convenient and Affordable Travel A Look into the Brief History of Breeze Airways Have you ever wished for a more convenient way to travel to smaller destinations? Breeze Airways heard...

Breeze Airways: Your Gateway to Convenient and Affordable Travel

A Look into the Brief History of Breeze Airways

Have you ever wished for a more convenient way to travel to smaller destinations? Breeze Airways heard your prayers. This American low-cost air carrier, based in Cottonwood, Utah, is revolutionizing the way we fly. Founded by David Needleman, the mastermind behind JetBlue, Breeze Airways aims to bridge the gap between major airlines and smaller point-to-point routes.

The airline was originally supposed to be called Moxy Airlines, but due to a trademark issue, it was rebranded as Breeze Airways. Since its first flight in May 2021, Breeze Airways has been steadily expanding its network, providing both short-haul domestic routes and transcontinental flights.

Key Facts and Information About The Airline

  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Years of Operation: 5 years
  • Airline Type: Major
  • Call Sign: MOXY
  • Website:

Facts About Breeze Airways Aircraft Fleet

Breeze Airways boasts a fleet of 25 state-of-the-art aircraft, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe journey for all passengers. The airline primarily operates the Airbus A220-300, Embraer 190, and Embraer 195 aircraft.

Breeze Airways Airbus A220
Caption: Breeze Airways Airbus A220

The Airbus A220-300, with a seating capacity of up to 160 passengers, is perfect for short to medium-haul flights. Offering a range of over 3,400 miles, this aircraft ensures a smooth and efficient travel experience.

Breeze Airways Embraer 190
Caption: Breeze Airways Embraer 190

For regional flights, Breeze Airways relies on the Embraer 190. With a capacity of just over 100 passengers and a range of approximately 2,400 miles, this aircraft is designed to optimize travel between shorter routes.

Breeze Airways Embraer 195
Caption: Breeze Airways Embraer 195

Similarly, the Embraer 195, an extended version of the Embraer 190, offers a slightly larger seating capacity while maintaining the comfort and efficiency necessary for short to medium routes.

Discover more about Breeze Airways' impressive fleet here.

Aircraft Configurations and Seating Charts

Breeze Airways prioritizes passenger comfort, offering two classes on its aircraft: first class and economy class. The narrow-body jets are configured in a 2-column 2-seat row for first class, and a 2x3 seating configuration for economy class.

First Class

Situated at the front of each plane, the first-class area features a spacious 2-column by 2-seat configuration on each side of the fuselage. Experience the comfort of a business-class seat designed for short to medium-haul travel, offering ample space for work or relaxation.

Economy Class

In economy class, Breeze Airways provides a 2x3 seating configuration. One side of the plane features two-seat columns, while the other side accommodates three seats. With a pitch of 30 degrees, which exceeds that of competitors like Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines, Breeze Airways ensures a comfortable journey for all passengers. Upgrade options are available for those seeking extra legroom, with select rows offering up to 32 inches of legroom.

Popular Destinations

Breeze Airways caters to various destinations, with a focus on routes that have high passenger demand. These popular flights, which see the most daily departures, include:

  • Santa Ana to Provo
  • Hartford to Charleston
  • Akron to Charleston
  • Tampa to Richmond
  • Santa Ana to Orlando
  • Tampa to Charleston
  • San Francisco to San Bernardino
  • Charleston to New Orleans
  • San Francisco to Provo
  • Charleston to White Plains

Breeze Airways On-Time Performance

When it comes to punctuality, Breeze Airways shines. According to, an impressive 82% of Breeze Airways flights depart and arrive on time. The airline's dedication to smaller secondary airports, combined with reliable weather conditions in the regions it serves, contributes to this exceptional performance. Furthermore, Breeze Airways' efficient point-to-point system ensures a seamless journey without the delays associated with connecting flights.

Is Breeze Airways A Safe Airline to Fly on?

Safety is always a primary concern when choosing an airline. Breeze Airways understands the importance of passenger well-being and has maintained an outstanding safety record. Like all airlines, Breeze Airways adheres to rigorous inspection protocols, ensuring that every aircraft is in optimal condition before takeoff. In addition, their highly skilled pilots undergo comprehensive training to handle any situation that may arise during the flight.

While Breeze Airways has only been in operation for a short time, they have experienced only one major incident when a plane depressurized mid-flight near New Orleans on September 11th, 2001. Since then, the airline has taken every measure to prioritize safety and provide a secure travel experience for all passengers.