Inspector George Gently: A Timeless British Crime Drama

Introduction Inspector George Gently (also known as George Gently for the pilot and first series) is a gripping British crime drama series set in the 1960s. Produced by Company Pictures for BBC One, this series...

George Gently


Inspector George Gently (also known as George Gently for the pilot and first series) is a gripping British crime drama series set in the 1960s. Produced by Company Pictures for BBC One, this series is loosely based on the Inspector Gently novels by Alan Hunter. With its captivating storyline and stellar cast, Inspector George Gently has garnered a dedicated following throughout its eight series.

An Engrossing Crime Drama

The series follows the journey of Chief Inspector George Gently, played by the talented Martin Shaw, and Detective Sergeant John Bacchus, portrayed by the brilliant Lee Ingleby. Together, they solve a range of captivating and complex cases set against the backdrop of 1960s England. The show takes viewers on a thrilling ride through the vibrant streets of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, and County Durham.

A Fresh Twist

Unlike the Inspector Gently novels, the series moves the setting from Norfolk to the North East, adding a fresh twist to the stories. The change of location brings a new dimension to the show and allows viewers to explore the rich history and culture of the region. From the picturesque landscapes to the bustling city streets, the North East becomes an integral part of the storytelling.

Captivating Characters

The chemistry between Martin Shaw's Inspector Gently and Lee Ingleby's DS Bacchus is truly captivating. Their dynamic partnership and contrasting personalities create an engaging and entertaining viewing experience. The ensemble cast, including Simon Hubbard and Lisa McGrillis as police constables, add depth and authenticity to the police force, making the series feel both realistic and relatable.

Series Overview

Inspector George Gently spans eight series, each filled with gripping storylines and intriguing mysteries. From the early episodes set in 1964 to the final series set in 1970, viewers are taken on a journey through a changing world. The series finale offers a fitting conclusion to the beloved show, leaving fans satisfied and wanting more.

A Stellar Cast

The talented cast of Inspector George Gently brings the characters to life with their exceptional performances. Martin Shaw shines as the titular inspector, delivering a nuanced portrayal of a dedicated and determined detective. Lee Ingleby's portrayal of DS Bacchus adds depth and complexity to the character, making him a fan favorite. The supporting cast, including Simon Hubbard, Lisa McGrillis, and many others, deliver outstanding performances, adding layers of authenticity to the series.

Episode List Highlights

Throughout the series, Inspector George Gently presents a wide range of captivating episodes. From the pilot episode, "Gently Go Man," to the intriguing series finales, each episode offers a unique and thrilling storyline. Highlights include "Gently with the Innocents" from Series 2, "Gently Evil" from Series 3, and "Gently Northern Soul" from Series 5. These episodes exemplify the show's ability to balance compelling crime-solving with thought-provoking social commentary.

A Legacy of Excellence

Inspector George Gently has left an indelible mark on British television. Its compelling stories, authentic period setting, and exceptional performances have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. With its final series released in 2017, the show has cemented its place as one of the greatest British crime dramas of all time.

DVD Collection

For avid fans of the series, Inspector George Gently is also available as a DVD collection. With options ranging from individual series releases to complete box sets, viewers can relive their favorite moments and delve deeper into the world of Inspector George Gently.


Inspector George Gently is a timeless British crime drama that has captivated audiences with its gripping storylines, exceptional performances, and authentic period setting. From its engaging characters to its thought-provoking social commentary, the series offers a thrilling and immersive viewing experience. Whether you're a fan of crime dramas or simply appreciate quality television, Inspector George Gently is a must-watch series that will leave you wanting more.