IU and Lee Jong Suk Express Their Gratitude and Love for Fans Through Heartfelt Letters

IU and Lee Jong Suk share warm letters with fans following the confirmation of their relationship. A Message from IU Hello UAENA (IU's fan club name)! Are you all awake at this hour? I wonder...

IU and Lee Jong Suk IU and Lee Jong Suk share warm letters with fans following the confirmation of their relationship.

A Message from IU

Hello UAENA (IU's fan club name)!

Are you all awake at this hour? I wonder how you spent the end of 2022. If you had a slightly confusing last day of the year because of me, I'd like to take this opportunity to send you my New Year's greetings along with my gratitude and apologies.

I'm sure those of you who have seen the articles today already know, but I am currently in a relationship. I know this news must have surprised you, my dear UAENA, who are always concerned about me and curious about my well-being. Because of this, I feel a sense of caution, but it is true...it happened!

He has been my colleague for a long time, and we have developed positive feelings for each other while supporting one another. He is a reliable and adorable person who has always believed in me, constantly encouraging and uplifting me with sincere words.

As UAENA, you always keep a close watch over me, and I believe you can sense that I am emotionally comfortable and doing well at this moment. One of the reasons why my pride and passion for my work have skyrocketed recently is because of the presence of this good friend who has been showering me with compliments for a long time.

Now that you all know, we will date quietly and beautifully, without causing any worry to my fans. I apologize for surprising you, but I am grateful to UAENA for your congratulations and for being the first to check up on me.

Although I didn't write much, each word was carefully chosen as we have already entered 2023. It feels like 2022 was just yesterday. Happy New Year, everyone! Last year, it brought me immense joy to meet you all again and have the opportunity to see you up close. I will never forget those overwhelmingly happy moments.

Thank you sincerely for enjoying these moments with me and for being by my side throughout the year. Once again, I promise to run forward without slacking off! I'll do well.

Happy New Year again, UAENA. When you wake up from your deep slumber, a new year will unfold before you. Sleep well. I love you.

Lee Jong Suk's Message

Hello, this is Lee Jong Suk.

I apologize for not being able to share a separate thank-you message with you after receiving a significant award. However, I wanted to take this moment to express my gratitude.

It's been a while since I last wrote here... I am truly sorry for surprising you at the end of the year. I deeply appreciate the fans who cheered for me at the Drama Awards, providing me with unwavering support and ensuring that I don't lose confidence.

What I really want to say to all of you is how thankful I am for the constant love and support you send my way. Despite my growth and aging, I still feel a lot of shortcomings and shyness. I became more nervous while speaking and forgot to convey these important words. So once again, I apologize and thank you.

I'm sure you must have been truly surprised after reading the articles yesterday. About that friend mentioned in the articles today... We first met when I was in my mid-20s, and our connection was deep, extending beyond mere puppy love. However, due to various circumstances, we couldn't make it work at the time. We remained friends for a long time, and now our relationship has taken a new turn.

Um...I want to explain this well. How should I put it? Even when I was fully committed to living my own life, she occupied a special place in my heart. If I were to compare her to Kang Dan I (a character from "Romance is a Bonus Book"), my fans would understand the depth of her impact on me.

She is an incredible person who helps me navigate my path and life concerns. She is someone I can rely on, despite being younger, someone who at times seems older and wiser, and someone I want to protect. Now, she inspires me to become a better person.

I must introduce her properly, but this is also new territory for me. So, I worry that my fans might have been shocked or perhaps a bit upset. I hope you will observe our relationship with warmth and understanding.

I am incredibly grateful for the love and support you showered upon me during this eventful year. I am overjoyed that we had the opportunity to reconnect. Happy New Year, and I will always love you.

Caption: IU and Lee Jong Suk express their gratitude and love for their fans through heartfelt letters.

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