Revolutionizing Travel Booking

Image Source: Edit this on Wikidata, formerly known as, is an innovative online travel agency that has transformed the way we book our travel experiences. Founded in 2012 by Oliver Dlouhý and Jozef... Image Source: Edit this on Wikidata, formerly known as, is an innovative online travel agency that has transformed the way we book our travel experiences. Founded in 2012 by Oliver Dlouhý and Jozef Képesi, offers a comprehensive fare aggregator, a metasearch engine, and seamless booking services for both airline tickets and ground transportation. What sets apart is their groundbreaking "virtual interlining" concept, which allows users to create itineraries from over 750 carriers, even those that don't typically collaborate in online bookings[^1][^4].

A Journey Through History

The story of began in 2011 with the launch of their online portal, However, it wasn't until 2016 that they acquired the domain name for a remarkable $800,000 and rebranded their company. Over the years, has continued to thrive and expand its reach. In 2018, they were recognized by the Financial Times as one of the European firms with the highest compound annual revenue growth, and Deloitte named them the 7th fastest-growing company in the EMEA region[^7][^8]. Today, remains under the leadership of its founders, Oliver Dlouhý and Jozef Képesi, with General Atlantic as their main shareholder[^9][^10].

Unleashing Innovative Services is not merely an online travel agency, but a pioneer in the travel industry. They constantly introduce new services and features that enhance the way we travel. One of their notable offerings is NOMAD, a unique multi-city travel search tool that simplifies the process of planning complex itineraries. Additionally, launched Tequila, a dedicated B2B platform, further solidifying their presence in the industry[^19].

With headquarters in Brno and offices in Prague, Barcelona, Bratislava, Košice, London, and Miami, has become one of the leading online air ticket sellers in Europe. With an annual turnover of approximately 1.1 billion euros in 2018, they handle around 12,000 traveler itineraries daily and employ over 2,000 dedicated professionals[^21][^22]. Office Image Source: Edit this on Wikidata

Navigating Controversies with Transparency

Despite their remarkable success, has faced its fair share of controversies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they received criticism for their refund policies and customer service practices. Customers expressed frustration as did not account for the constantly changing travel restrictions, leading to individuals being charged for flights they could not legally take. However, has been taking steps to address these issues and improve their services, acknowledging the complexities of refund processing and their relationships with airlines[^3][^25][^26][^27].

A Bright Future has consistently demonstrated its commitment to revolutionizing the way we book travel. Through their innovations and dedication to enhancing the travel experience, they have solidified their position as a leader in the industry. Partnerships with airports like Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport and Bratislava Airport further showcase their commitment to facilitating seamless travel for passengers across the globe[^12][^13][^18].

As continues to reshape the travel industry, their focus remains on providing exceptional services to their customers. With their relentless pursuit of innovation, it's no surprise that has received numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award for co-founder Oliver Dlouhy and the Skift IDEA Awards in 2022[^14][^15]. is not just an online travel agency; it's a game-changer that empowers travelers to explore the world with ease. As they redefine the travel booking experience, invites us to embark on remarkable journeys and create unforgettable memories.


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