NFL Playoff Bracket 2023: An Exciting Journey to the Super Bowl

The 2022 NFL regular season is reaching its thrilling climax, as the 14-team playoff field has been finalized in Week 18. Fans have eagerly awaited this moment, as the stage is set for an exhilarating...

The 2022 NFL regular season is reaching its thrilling climax, as the 14-team playoff field has been finalized in Week 18. Fans have eagerly awaited this moment, as the stage is set for an exhilarating battle among the top teams in the league.

The Road to the Playoffs

Entering Week 18, NFL fans already had a good sense of which teams would make it to the 2023 NFL playoffs. Eleven teams had secured their postseason berths, leaving only three spots and overall seeding to be decided. The Titans-Jaguars game held the key to one of those berths, guaranteeing a playoff spot for the winner. The AFC race for the final playoff spot was intense, with the Patriots, Dolphins, and Steelers vying for the position. However, the Dolphins managed to secure their place with a crucial 11-6 win over the Jets, coupled with a loss by the Patriots.

In the NFC, the Seahawks clinched the final playoff spot in Week 18. The Lions' elimination came as a result of the Seahawks' 19-16 overtime victory over the Rams. Despite the loss, the Lions managed to defeat the Packers on "Sunday Night Football," which gave the Seahawks a ticket to the playoffs as the No. 7 seed.

The AFC and NFC Matchups

Heading into the playoffs, questions lingered about how the AFC would shape up due to the cancellation of the Bills vs. Bengals Week 17 game after Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest. However, this had little impact on the race for the No. 1 seed and AFC North titles. Now that the matchups have been determined, the excitement can truly begin.

Let's take a closer look at the NFL playoff bracket for 2023:

NFL playoff bracket 2023 Caption: The NFL playoff bracket for 2023.

Super Bowl 57

The culmination of the NFL season will see the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57.


In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs, as the No. 1 seed, will be challenged by the Cincinnati Bengals. Additionally, the Buffalo Bills will face the Jacksonville Jaguars, while the Miami Dolphins take on the Baltimore Ravens. The Los Angeles Chargers will vie against the Cincinnati Bengals for a spot in the next round.


The Philadelphia Eagles, as the top seed in the NFC, will go up against the San Francisco 49ers. Meanwhile, the New York Giants will face the Dallas Cowboys, and the Minnesota Vikings will take on the New York Giants. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will go head-to-head with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Exciting Playoff Schedule

The NFL playoff schedule for 2023 promises thrilling matchups and intense competition. Let's take a look at the key games:

Wild-card round

Saturday, Jan. 14

  • Seahawks at 49ers
  • Chargers at Jaguars

Sunday, Jan. 15

  • Dolphins at Bills
  • Giants at Vikings
  • Ravens at Bengals

Monday, Jan. 16

  • Cowboys at Buccaneers

Divisional round

Saturday, Jan. 21

  • Jaguars at Chiefs
  • Giants at Eagles

Sunday, Jan. 22

  • Bengals at Bills
  • Cowboys at 49ers

Conference championships

Sunday, Jan. 29

  • Eagles vs. 49ers
  • Bengals vs. Chiefs

Super Bowl 57

Sunday, Feb. 12

  • Chiefs vs. Eagles

TV Channels and Live Streams

This year, CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, and ESPN will broadcast the NFL playoff games. Fox will have the rights to Super Bowl 57 and will also broadcast the NFC Championship Game. Additionally, CBS will air the AFC Championship Game.

Streaming enthusiasts can catch all the live action of the NFL playoff games in 2023 on fuboTV, which offers a free trial. Canadian viewers can enjoy live-streaming of the games via DAZN with a subscription.

When Do the NFL Playoffs End in 2023?

Mark your calendars for an adrenaline-filled month of football:

  • Start date: Saturday, Jan. 14
  • End date: Sunday, Feb. 12

The playoffs kick off on Saturday, Jan. 14, with the Super Wild Card Weekend. The divisional round follows the next weekend, and the conference championships take place on Sunday, Jan. 29. Before the Super Bowl, football enthusiasts can enjoy the Pro Bowl skills challenge on Sunday, Feb. 5. The grand finale, Super Bowl 57, will be held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., on Sunday, Feb. 12.

The NFL playoffs are the pinnacle of the sport, bringing together the best teams for an unforgettable showdown. So, grab your snacks, gather your friends, and get ready for an exhilarating journey to the Super Bowl in 2023.