Patrick Renna Shares Exciting News About 'The Sandlot' Series & More: 'I Love The Storyline'

Image Credit: The Riker Brothers Any time the cast of The Sandlot reunites, it’s a big deal. The beloved group of actors recently reunited virtually on Patrick Renna's YouTube Channel, titled You're Killing Me with...

Patrick Renna Image Credit: The Riker Brothers

Any time the cast of The Sandlot reunites, it’s a big deal. The beloved group of actors recently reunited virtually on Patrick Renna's YouTube Channel, titled You're Killing Me with Patrick Renna. The epic reunion was hosted by Los Angeles Dodgers star Justin Turner and his wife Kourtney Turner, with the proceeds benefiting the Justin Turner Foundation.

HollywoodLife had an exclusive conversation with Patrick, a.k.a. Ham, about bringing the gang back together again for another reunion. The Sandlot, released in 1993, has become a timeless classic, with new generations discovering and watching the movie as their parents introduce it to them. For Patrick, The Sandlot's incredible legacy is incredibly humbling. He also shared some insights about the upcoming Sandlot Disney+ series, which was announced back in 2019.

How Did the Reunion Come About?

Patrick reveals that the idea for the virtual reunion came to him after watching other fundraising reunions hosted by celebrities like John Krasinski and Josh Gad. He reached out to the guys from The Sandlot, who have been in touch through a group chat since the movie's 25th anniversary. They loved the idea, and since it was going to be on Patrick's channel, he decided to bring in another host. Having met Justin Turner during a fundraising tournament, Patrick thought he would be a perfect fit. The event turned out to be a success, with special guests from Major League Baseball joining in.

The Challenges of a Virtual Reunion

While virtual reunions have their own unique challenges, Patrick and the team prepared by doing some one-on-one interviews through Zoom. However, handling a Zoom call with 15-20 people turned out to be a next-level experience, with plenty of bloopers along the way. Patrick even jokes about creating a blooper reel, much like The Goonies did.

The Enduring Love for The Sandlot

Patrick expresses his gratitude for the continued fan support and the fact that new generations are discovering the movie. He finds it humbling and an honor to be part of such a beloved film. Hearing stories about different generations enjoying The Sandlot is truly remarkable, and Patrick acknowledges that not many movies have that kind of enduring impact.

The Sandlot Reboot Update

Regarding the TV reboot of The Sandlot, Patrick reveals that it is currently on hold. He recently spoke to the producer, who explained that the project, like many others, was affected by the global situation. Additionally, the acquisition of Fox by Disney has presented some challenges. However, Patrick remains optimistic and believes that once things settle down, discussion about the reboot will resume. He also shared some details about the potential storyline, which involves the original characters as adults with their own kids. Patrick loves the idea and is excited about the direction of the series.

Exploring Ham's Character in the Reboot

If the reboot happens, it will pick up about 30 years after the original movie. Patrick finds the late '80s to be an exciting era to explore, similar to the popular show Stranger Things. As for his character Ham, Patrick imagines him as a washed-up wrestler, reflecting on his past glory. He looks forward to incorporating flashbacks into the series.

The Bond Between the Cast

Patrick emphasizes the closeness and bond shared by the cast throughout the years. Although they lost touch for a while, the reunions brought them back together. He believes that their real friendship translated onto the screen and contributed to the movie's success. Reuniting with the cast and witnessing the magic they still have together reminded Patrick of the incredible memories they made 27 years ago.

Unforgettable Moments Behind the Scenes

One particular memory that stands out for Patrick is the time they spent in the condominiums together. They had a pool, although it was missing a real-life Wendy Peffercorn. Every day, they would swim, play pool in the rec room, go to the mall, and have a great time. It was those off-set experiences that Patrick cherishes the most.

As fans eagerly await news on The Sandlot reboot, they can enjoy the virtual reunion and relive the magic of the original film. Patrick Renna and the rest of the cast continue to be grateful for the enduring love and support from fans of all ages.