Princess Diana Aquamarine Ring: The Story Behind the Divorce Ring

Princess Diana was not only a beloved member of the British royal family but also an international icon. Known for her generosity, beauty, activism, and glamorous style, she captivated the world with her fashion choices...

Princess Diana was not only a beloved member of the British royal family but also an international icon. Known for her generosity, beauty, activism, and glamorous style, she captivated the world with her fashion choices and stunning jewelry. One of her notable pieces is the Princess Diana aquamarine ring, which holds a fascinating story.

The Princess Diana Aquamarine Ring

Featuring a 13-carat emerald-cut aquamarine with small solitaire diamonds on each side, set in 24-carat gold, the Princess Diana aquamarine ring boasts a beautiful light blue hue. Diana often accentuated the ring's color by incorporating similar hues into her outfits and accessories, showcasing her impeccable sense of style.

Princess Diana Aquamarine Ring Image: Princess Diana Aquamarine Ring

The Value of the Princess Diana Aquamarine Ring

The estimated value of the Princess Diana aquamarine ring is around $90,000, reflecting its exquisite craftsmanship and the historical significance associated with Princess Diana.

The Gift from a Dear Friend

The aquamarine ring was created by the renowned British jewelry brand, Asprey, in 1996. It was a gift from Diana's close friend, Lucia Flecha de Lima, who was like a second mother to the princess. Lucia was a pillar of support throughout Diana's divorce from Prince Charles, making the ring hold even more sentimental value.

The Divorce Ring: Symbolism and Significance

The aquamarine ring holds a unique title - the "divorce ring." It was commissioned in 1996, the same year Princess Diana and Prince Charles finalized their divorce. Some consider it a replacement for Diana's iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Despite the divorce, Diana still cherished her engagement ring and continued to wear it on various occasions. The aquamarine ring, however, represented a new chapter in her life, symbolizing strength, resilience, and personal growth.

Notable Moments Wearing the Aquamarine Ring

The aquamarine ring made several notable appearances during Princess Diana's lifetime. One such occasion was on October 31, 1996, when Diana attended a fundraising gala in Sydney, Australia. She paired the ring with diamonds, pearls, and aquamarine accessories, complementing her stunning electric blue dress and coordinating bag and shoes.

Another significant moment was in June 1997, just two months before Diana's untimely death. She wore the ring to a pre-auction party at Christie's, where she auctioned off her royal gowns for charitable causes. Diana paired the aquamarine ring with a light blue Catherine Walker dress, Qatari pearl drop earrings, and a diamond tennis bracelet.

A Modern Connection: Meghan Markle

Today, the Princess Diana aquamarine ring has found a new home with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan wore the ring at her and Prince Harry's wedding reception in May 2018, adding her personal touch to Diana's treasured piece. She later wore it again at a dinner in Tonga and the Ripple of Hope Gala.

Princess Diana's Aquamarine Collection

While the iconic aquamarine ring shines brightest, it wasn't Diana's only aquamarine piece. She also possessed aquamarine drop earrings and a stunning five-strand pearl bracelet with a rectangular aquamarine clasp. Diana loved pairing her aquamarine jewelry with diamonds and pearls, creating timeless and elegant looks.

Princess Diana's Enduring Influence

Diana's jewelry choices continue to inspire fashion trends even today. Her unique engagement ring, featuring a sapphire, sparked a wave of non-traditional engagement ring preferences. Similarly, her love for aquamarine highlighted the stone's beauty and popularity, especially for large cocktail rings.

In Conclusion, Princess Diana's aquamarine ring holds a special place in history and the hearts of many. Its captivating beauty, combined with the symbolism it carries, makes it a cherished piece of jewelry. From Diana's legacy to Meghan Markle's modern connection, the aquamarine ring continues to captivate and inspire, carrying the spirit of a remarkable woman.

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