Selling Sunset: The Glamorous World of High-End Real Estate

Caption: The glamorous cast of Selling Sunset. Source: Netflix Selling real estate has never been more captivating than in the hit Netflix series Selling Sunset, created by Adam Divello. This reality show takes viewers behind...

Selling Sunset Caption: The glamorous cast of Selling Sunset. Source: Netflix

Selling real estate has never been more captivating than in the hit Netflix series Selling Sunset, created by Adam Divello. This reality show takes viewers behind the scenes of the Oppenheim Group, a prestigious brokerage firm in Los Angeles. As we follow a group of glamorous agents, we witness the drama unfold not only in their professional lives but also in their personal relationships.

Overview and Casting

Seasons 1-3: A Promising Start

The first season premiered on March 21, 2019, introducing us to the main realtors of the Oppenheim Group: Mary Fitzgerald, Brett Oppenheim, Jason Oppenheim, Christine Quinn, Chrishell Stause, Maya Vander, and Heather Rae El Moussa. The eight-episode season showcased their high-stakes deals and the challenges they faced in the cutthroat world of luxury real estate.

The show returned for a second season on May 22, 2020, with the entire cast reprising their roles. Romain Bonnet and Davina Potratz were promoted to the main cast, bringing even more excitement to the mix. Amanza Smith joined as a new agent and interior designer, adding a fresh dynamic to the group.

In the third season, which premiered on August 7, 2020, the entire cast returned to navigate new business opportunities and personal drama. The show continued to captivate audiences with its high-energy episodes.

Seasons 4-Present: New Faces and More Glamour

Netflix renewed Selling Sunset for a fourth and fifth season on March 11, 2021. The show received critical acclaim and was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program.

The fourth season, which premiered on November 24, 2021, introduced two new cast members, Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela. Romain Bonnet took on a recurring role, while Chelsea Lazkani joined the cast ahead of the fifth season, which premiered on April 22, 2022. The addition of these new faces brought fresh perspectives and added fuel to the fiery dynamics between the agents.

On June 23, 2022, Netflix renewed the show for a sixth and seventh season. However, it was announced that Christine Quinn would not be returning for these seasons. The sixth season began production in August 2022 and premiered on May 19, 2023, featuring new cast members Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi.

The seventh season premiered on November 3, 2023, with the agents facing new challenges and a changing real estate market. Chrishell Stause confirmed during the season seven reunion episode that an eighth season is on the horizon, promising even more excitement to come.


The cast of Selling Sunset is as glamorous as the properties they sell. Here are the main members of the Oppenheim Group:

  • Brett and Jason Oppenheim: Co-founders of the Oppenheim Group, these charismatic twin brothers lead the team with their expertise and sharp business acumen.

  • Heather Rae El Moussa: A real estate agent, former Playboy Playmate, and actress who brings her unique charm and style to every deal she pursues. She is married to television personality Tarek El Moussa.

  • Mary Fitzgerald: A skilled and experienced real estate agent with a complicated history intertwined with the Oppenheim brothers. She marries Romain in an unforgettable season two finale.

  • Christine Quinn: A formidable real estate agent known for her bold style and sharp tongue. Christine's rivalry with Chrishell adds spice to the mix. She ties the knot with entrepreneur Christian Richard in a stunning season three finale.

  • Chrishell Stause: An actress-turned-realtor, Chrishell is a recent addition to the Oppenheim Group. Her personal journey and relationships have captured the hearts of fans. She is currently married to Australian musician G-Flip and was previously married to actor Justin Hartley.

  • Maya Vander: A dynamic real estate agent who shuttles between Los Angeles and Miami. Her international background brings a unique perspective to the team.

These agents, along with many others who have joined or left throughout the seasons, make Selling Sunset a captivating blend of personalities, friendships, and rivalries.


Selling Sunset boasts an impressive number of episodes across its seasons. Here are a few notable ones:

Season 1 (2019)

  • Episode 1: "If Looks Could Sell" - New agent Chrishell joins the Oppenheim Group and faces the challenge of proving herself. The agents compete to sell a stunning Hollywood Hills home.

  • Episode 4: "Loose Lips Sink Relationships" - Chrishell learns valuable lessons about business and friendship, while Heather deals with the repercussions of her actions. Maya uncovers a secret and struggles to keep it under wraps.

Season 2 (2020)

  • Episode 1: "Let the Real Estate Games Begin" - The agents reunite and discover that Christine is engaged. Heather reveals a new romance, and Chrishell sets her sights on the San Fernando Valley.

  • Episode 3: "Sorry, Not Sorry" - Tensions rise as Heather and Amanza form a connection, Romain drops a bombshell on Chrishell, and Christine plans an eventful engagement party.

Season 3 (2020)

  • Episode 1: "Back to Business" - Amanza deals with backstabbing within the group, and Christine celebrates her birthday in style, leading to confrontations and revelations.

  • Episode 4: "Everybody Loves Mary" - The agents discuss favoritism and explore their options. Heather and Amanza receive and deliver life-changing news, while Friendsgiving brings a major announcement.

These episodes, filled with drama, romance, and unexpected twists, keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the series.

Production and Spin-Offs

Selling Sunset creator Adam Divello was inspired to bring the world of high-end real estate to television after seeing an advertisement for the Oppenheim Group. The all-female ensemble cast and the leadership of twin brothers Brett and Jason Oppenheim made it an exciting concept.

The success of Selling Sunset led Netflix to unveil two spin-offs: Selling Tampa and Selling the OC. Selling Tampa premiered on December 15, 2021, and showcases the Allure Realty firm in Florida. Selling the OC focuses on the Oppenheim Group branch in Newport Beach and premiered on August 24, 2022. These spin-offs expand the Selling Sunset universe, giving viewers even more insight into the glamorous world of real estate.


Selling Sunset is more than just a reality show; it offers a glimpse into the extravagant lives of real estate agents in Los Angeles. With its star-studded cast, high-stakes deals, and personal dramas, the show has become a must-watch for fans of both real estate and captivating television. As Selling Sunset continues to captivate audiences, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming seasons and the surprises they will bring. Stay tuned for more luxurious properties, fierce rivalries, and heartfelt moments in the next chapter of Selling Sunset.

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