Seniors Travel Insurance Cover: Exploring the World with Peace of Mind

Caption: A senior traveler planning his next adventure. Quality travel insurance you can customize to meet your needs Your 'golden years' aren't meant for sitting at home - they're the perfect time to explore the...

man looking at map Caption: A senior traveler planning his next adventure.

Quality travel insurance you can customize to meet your needs

Your 'golden years' aren't meant for sitting at home - they're the perfect time to explore the world. But before you head off, it’s important to find the right seniors travel insurance cover for you. At Cover-More, we offer comprehensive travel insurance plans with world-class medical assistance to support our mature travelers if something goes wrong on their trip. So, if you’re over 65 and want great quality cover for your travels, we’re here to help.

Why do I need seniors travel insurance?

As a senior traveler, you may have unique needs and considerations when it comes to your travel insurance. Seniors travel insurance provides you with peace of mind and financial security by covering unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more. It ensures that you can enjoy your adventures without worrying about the unexpected.

Does Cover-More offer seniors travel insurance cover?

Finding the right travel insurance over 70 can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. At Cover-More, we offer a range of travel insurance plans. Rather than a dedicated seniors travel insurance plan, we offer older adventurers like you the chance to choose the best plan for you from our range of options. Whether you’re looking for domestic travel insurance for seniors, seniors travel insurance cover for cruises, or seniors travel insurance cover for a round-the-world adventure, we can help protect your holiday.

What are the benefits of Cover-More travel insurance?

Our comprehensive plans provide the necessary coverage benefits while traveling abroad. Some of the most popular benefits for senior travelers include:

  • 24/7 emergency medical and travel assistance
  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses
  • Emergency overseas dental cover
  • Lost or delayed luggage allowance
  • Cover and assistance for lost travel documents
  • Travel delay expenses
  • Rental vehicle insurance excess

A happy senior couple enjoying their trip Caption: A happy senior couple enjoying their trip without worries.

Our senior travelers also enjoy access to an Australian-based doctor through our TravelGP service. Our TravelGP can provide health tips and advice on doctors or hospitals to visit near you. If you purchase a Cover-More policy, you’re covered by a cooling-off period. If you change your mind within 21 days of purchase and haven't departed on your journey or made a claim, you can get a full refund for your policy.

What Cover-More travel insurance plan is right for me?

Planning your trip but not sure what seniors travel insurance cover you need? We can help, with plans that can be varied to suit your needs. As a senior traveler, you can choose from:

  • International or Domestic: depending on whether you’re traveling at home or overseas
  • Comprehensive+, Comprehensive, or Basic Plans: select the best plan to suit your budget and coverage needs
  • Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip Plans: if you travel often, an Annual Multi-Trip policy might be ideal for you. This offers cover for unlimited trips throughout the year, up to the trip duration you have chosen

You can also customize your coverage further by choosing from a variety of excess and cancellation levels. We offer additional coverage for adventure activities, snow sports, and motorcycle/moped riding. These can be added to any of our plans for an additional premium. Compare our travel insurance plans and get a quote online today to see how affordable protecting your travel dreams can be.

Does Cover-More offer seniors travel insurance cover for cruises?

Cruises are great for senior travelers. Visiting multiple locations from the comfort of a luxury liner makes for a relaxing holiday. However, it’s important to know that once you set sail, medical or hospital expenses (domestic or international) may not be covered by Medicare or your private health insurance.

That’s where our Cruise Cover benefits come in. When purchasing a policy, if you tell us you are traveling on a cruise for two or more nights, an additional premium will be added, and the cruise benefits will be available on your policy at the time of purchase. It can protect you against lost luggage, cancellation, and unforeseen medical expenses related to your cruise trip.

Is there an age restriction for seniors travel insurance cover?

Yes, age restrictions do apply. Seniors are eligible for our Cover-More travel insurance up to 99 years of age, but this is subject to our acceptance criteria based on age at the time of buying the policy, destination, and trip duration. Plans may not be available to all travelers. Please note that for Annual Multi-Trip policies, you must be under 75 years of age at the time of purchase.

Can I get Cover-More travel insurance if I have existing medical conditions?

Don't let an existing medical condition stop you from seeing the world. At Cover-More, we offer automatic cover for a variety of existing medical conditions (subject to requirements) with our policies. So, if you have an existing medical condition and take medication to keep it in check, it doesn’t mean you can’t purchase travel insurance. You can find the full list of automatically covered conditions on the Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS) of your chosen policy.

If your existing medical condition is not listed, we still may be able to cover you. Complete our online assessment form when you generate a quote, or call our team to discuss. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details and conditions.

How do I disclose an existing medical condition to Cover-More?

It’s important to disclose any and all existing medical conditions to us before buying your Cover-More travel insurance policy. Failing to advise an existing medical condition means you run the risk of your claim being denied - which could leave you out of pocket if something goes wrong on your holiday.

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to disclose any existing medical conditions. When completing your quote online, answer all the questions correctly and tell us about your existing conditions via our online health assessment. You can also call our team to discuss. We are here to help you find the right coverage for your needs.

Is seniors travel insurance cover more expensive?

The cost of travel insurance can vary based on several factors. The region you're traveling to, your trip duration, the level of cover you choose, existing medical conditions, and extra coverage for activities can influence the premium. Age is also a factor that determines how much you pay for travel insurance. The older you get, the higher the risk of health issues, and your travel insurance premium is influenced by age groups that present a higher risk.

While seniors travel insurance cover may be more expensive, it provides essential protection and peace of mind for your travels. It ensures that you can enjoy your journey without worrying about potential expenses that may arise.

Ready to explore the world? Protect your trip with our seniors travel insurance cover. Don't let anything hold you back from experiencing new adventures and making lifelong memories. Travel with peace of mind, knowing that you're in good hands with Cover-More.

*Note: All information provided is based on the original article. Please refer to the official Cover-More website and their policy documents for the most accurate and up-to-date information.