Protect Your Snow Trip with Ski Travel Insurance Cover

Whether you're a snowboarder or a skier, you'll know that nothing compares to the feeling of conquering the slopes. But crashing out on the mountain and injuring yourself? That can ruin the joy of a...

People enjoying skiing and snowboarding in mountain ski resort

Whether you're a snowboarder or a skier, you'll know that nothing compares to the feeling of conquering the slopes. But crashing out on the mountain and injuring yourself? That can ruin the joy of a perfect run, especially if it comes with a hefty medical bill.

At Cover-More, we offer snow travel insurance cover to help protect your winter holiday. Our Snow Sports Cover can be added to any of our travel insurance plans for an additional premium, ensuring your safety on the mountains in case the unexpected occurs.

Why Should I Buy Ski Insurance Cover for My Trip?

When you're on the slopes overseas, even a minor accident can completely ruin your holiday and leave you with high medical costs. Airlifting someone off the slopes and taking them to the nearest hospital for medical assistance can be an extremely costly exercise due to the rugged terrain and often isolated locations of ski fields around the world.

So, if you're not prepared to pay outrageous sums of money for any unexpected medical assistance cost, we highly recommend you consider ski travel insurance cover for your upcoming snow trip. Snow-related injuries don't just happen to beginners - all skill levels should consider our ski insurance cover, called Snow Sports Cover, before they hit the slopes.

Our customer Clara discovered the importance of insurance when her son broke his wrist while snowboarding on Mammoth Mountain in eastern California. The total claim for her son's broken wrist was more than $2,590, but because she protected her family with ski travel insurance cover, we paid the bill and her family wasn't left out of pocket.

"Cover-More was efficient and prompt in paying the bills (which are notoriously high in the USA!). I will choose Cover-More again for travel insurance!" - Clara, Cover-More customer

Travel insurance cover for snow sports is important to consider having whether you're skiing in Chile, taking advantage of a ski package at a resort in Switzerland, or headed to Queenstown for a long weekend break.

What Does Cover-More's Snow Travel Insurance Cover Include?

If you're a snow sports enthusiast, you'll be delighted to know we have a number of ski insurance cover options, whether you're enrolling in your first-ever ski school, dusting off your trusted snowboard, or heading off-piste with a guide.

To get snow travel insurance cover with us, simply choose the travel insurance plan that suits you, and then add our Snow Sports Cover to your policy before you purchase. We offer international, domestic, and inbound plans, depending on your travel destination.

For more details on each plan, you can compare our travel insurance plans here.

Does Cover-More Travel Insurance Offer Varying Levels of Snow Sports Cover?

Yes, we offer two types of snow travel insurance cover so you can choose the cover that suits you best.

  • Snow Sports: This provides cover for on-piste snow skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. This cover option is most suitable for travelers spending their time at ski resorts, as off-piste or backcountry skiing is not covered.

  • Snow Sports+: This upgrade provides cover for the above activities as well as off-piste snow skiing/boarding and guided heli-skiing/boarding tours. This is suitable for more advanced skiers or those planning more adventurous activities.

It's important to understand that even if you pay the additional premium for our Snow Sports Cover or Snow Sports+ Cover, you will only have cover provided if you meet the conditions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). For example, you must not be participating in a professional capacity, must not be racing, and must always follow local advice and warnings.

Does Cover-More Travel Insurance Cover Snow Injuries?

We always want to ease the pain in your neck, not cause it. All our International Plans include unlimited overseas medical expenses. If you include our Snow Sports Cover in your international travel insurance policy, we will provide cover for winter sports-related injuries sustained on the snow fields, provided you were complying with the conditions set out in our PDS at the time of the incident.

Our Domestic plans do not include cover for medical, hospital, ambulance, or dental expenses, as these are covered by Medicare and private health insurance while you're in Australia. However, if you added Snow Sports Cover or Snow Sports+ Cover to your policy and sustained an injury while participating in a covered winter sporting activity, there is still cover for other expenses such as additional transport and accommodation.

Not sure if you need overseas medical coverage? One Cover-More customer needed our help when they suffered a fracture while snowboarding in Japan. This person required surgery and once fit to fly, we organized a business class upgrade and non-medical escort to return to Australia. Their claim estimate came to $25,000, which makes it a perfect example of why you should consider protecting your winter sports holiday.

See our dedicated FAQs for winter sports travel insurance cover to learn more.

Does Cover-More Travel Insurance Protect My Ski and Snowboarding Equipment?

We understand how valuable snow sports equipment can be, which is why our luggage and travel documents insurance benefit includes cover for these items, with the option to increase the limit for individual items for an additional premium.

The level of cover depends on the travel insurance plan you purchase - you can compare plans here.

Please refer to the PDS for full policy conditions to understand what we can and can't cover. For example, we cannot cover gear that is stolen while left unattended or sporting equipment while it's in use. Our luggage and travel documents cover only applies to personal gear or equipment owned by you. It does not cover ski or snowboard equipment that you have hired.

See our dedicated FAQs for winter sports travel insurance cover to learn more.

Why Should I Consider Cover-More Travel Insurance to Protect My Snow Trip?

Thinking about buying our travel insurance with Snow Sports Cover for your next trip to the snow? It's worth noting we also provide additional benefits, including:

  • 24/7 emergency medical and travel assistance
  • Access to an Australian-based doctor via our Travel GP service while you're away overseas
  • Fair and efficient handling of all your claims
  • A global team of travel experts who put your safety and well-being first

If you'd like to speak to our team about these benefits and many more, call us on 1300 72 88 22.

Ready to Hit the Slopes?

Find out how affordable our travel insurance with Snow Sports Cover can be. Cover will not exceed 12 months from the onset of the illness, condition, or injury. Travel GP services do not form part of your travel insurance policy. It is offered to customers at Cover-More's cost and at our sole discretion. Your circumstances including age, location, medical condition or issue, proximity to appropriate medical care, and medical history will be considered.