The Autopsy of Jane Doe: A Creepy Thriller with Supernatural Phenomena

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a 2016 supernatural horror film that takes audiences on a chilling journey into the world of forensic pathology. Directed by André Øvredal, this movie stars Brian Cox and Emile...

The Autopsy of Jane Doe The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a 2016 supernatural horror film that takes audiences on a chilling journey into the world of forensic pathology. Directed by André Øvredal, this movie stars Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch as father-and-son coroners who encounter something otherworldly during an autopsy on an unidentified woman.

Unraveling the Mystery

The story begins with the discovery of an unidentified young woman's corpse at the scene of a mysterious multiple homicide. Sheriff Burke is baffled as there are no signs of forced entry, and Lieutenant Wade suspects that the victims were desperately trying to escape.

Emma Roberts, the girlfriend of Austin Tilden, a small-town coroner, pays a visit to Austin and his father Tommy. Sheriff Burke brings the body of the Jane Doe to Tommy, requesting the cause of death by morning. Austin cancels his plans with Emma to assist his father. As they conduct the autopsy, they are perplexed by the lack of external trauma. However, they discover shattered wrist and ankle bones, a missing tooth, and blackened lungs resembling third-degree burns. Additionally, they find Jimsonweed, a paralyzing agent not native to the area, in the woman's stomach. Strange events unfold, including a radio changing stations on its own and eerie encounters in the morgue's hallway.

Determined to unravel the mystery, Tommy and Austin explore further, only to find their cat mortally wounded. As they continue the autopsy, they discover the woman's missing tooth wrapped in a cloth with cryptic symbols. The symbols are also found on the inside of her skin. Bizarrely, all the lights in the room suddenly explode, and other corpses in the morgue go missing. Trapped inside the building, Tommy and Austin's fear escalates as they encounter bruises appearing on Tommy's body, an animated corpse, and a seemingly indestructible corpse that refuses to burn.

Unveiling a Dark Secret

As they dig deeper into the corpse's origins, they determine that the symbols refer to Leviticus 20:27, a biblical verse condemning witches, and the year 1693, the time of the Salem witch trials. They conclude that the authorities, in an attempt to punish a witch, inadvertently transformed an innocent woman into an immortal witch, subjecting her to unimaginable pain in her seemingly lifeless state.

Desperate for answers, Tommy sacrifices himself to the corpse in hopes of saving Austin. Mirroring the corpse's wounds, Tommy's ankles and wrists shatter, while the corpse's wounds begin to heal. In a tragic twist of events, Austin is forced to end his father's suffering. Believing he hears the sheriff outside, Austin discovers it to be a hallucination. Startled, he falls to his death.

The next morning, the police arrive, perplexed by the inexplicable crime scene. The corpse, showing no signs of trauma, is taken to Virginia Commonwealth University. During the ambulance ride, the radio turns on spontaneously, hinting at an unsettling presence.

A Unique Blend of Horror and Suspense

The Autopsy of Jane Doe delves into the realm of the supernatural, captivating viewers with its smart and eerie storyline. Expertly directed by Øvredal, the film successfully combines elements of horror and suspense. The exceptional performances by Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch add depth to the characters, immersing the audience in their terrifying ordeal.

Jane Doe Image: Jane Doe

Critical Acclaim

Critics have praised the film, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it an 86% approval rating. The website's consensus describes it as "a smart, suggestively creepy thriller" that solidifies Øvredal's status as a talented director. Stephen King himself has spoken highly of the film, further establishing its credibility.

In conclusion, The Autopsy of Jane Doe offers a bone-chilling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be captivated by its supernatural elements, expert storytelling, and standout performances. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the unknown.