The Best Travel Magazines To Awaken Your Wanderlust

Are you feeling stuck at home? Do you find yourself longing for your next adventure? If the post-trip blues have got you down or you're unsure of where to go next, fear not! We have...

Are you feeling stuck at home? Do you find yourself longing for your next adventure? If the post-trip blues have got you down or you're unsure of where to go next, fear not! We have compiled a list of the best travel magazines in the UK that will inspire and ignite your wanderlust like never before.

Unearthing Hidden Gems

In an age where the internet offers a surplus of travel information, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of repetitive content. How often do you stumble upon a truly unique article that provides genuine value? By investing in a travel magazine, you gain access to well-thought-out, original, and exquisitely curated content. Embrace the delight of holding something physical in your hands, immersing yourself in its pages, and escaping the glaring screens of the digital realm.

National Geographic Traveller: For the Nature Enthusiast

Photo of National Geographic Traveller UK travel magazine. Photo: National Geographic Traveller UK travel magazine.

When it comes to travel magazines, National Geographic Traveller reigns supreme. Launching in the UK back in December 2010, this prestigious publication has won multiple awards for its outstanding photography and captivating travel writing. If you are passionate about immersing yourself in different cultures and exploring remote corners of the world, this magazine is a must-have. National Geographic Traveller not only showcases breathtaking landscapes but also emphasizes the importance of sustainable travel, inspiring us all to make a positive impact on our adventures.

Wanderlust: Stories Off the Beaten Path

Photo of Wanderlust travel magazine. Photo: Wanderlust travel magazine.

For the intrepid traveler who yearns to explore lesser-known destinations, Wanderlust is the ultimate compass. Established in 1993, this independent travel magazine has garnered numerous well-deserved accolades. Wanderlust offers an unbiased perspective through the eyes of travel writers and expert photographers, focusing on responsible and conscious travel. With its inspirational stories, trip planners, and off-the-beaten-track experiences, Wanderlust will open your eyes to fascinating cultures and guide you towards extraordinary destinations you may have never considered before.

Condé Nast Traveller: A Glimpse of Luxury

Photo of Condé Nast Traveller travel magazine. Photo: Condé Nast Traveller travel magazine.

If luxury travel is what captivates your imagination, then Condé Nast Traveller is simply unrivaled. This magazine exudes sophistication and opulence, showcasing renowned designer labels and indulgent experiences. Although luxury travel may not always be within reach, Condé Nast Traveller provides a tantalizing glimpse into the lavish world of high-end exploration. With its exquisite photography and captivating articles, this publication will transport you to far-off lands and inspire you to treat yourself to a taste of the luxury travel lifestyle.

Escapism: A Free Portal to Adventure

Photo of Escapism travel magazine. Photo: Escapism travel magazine.

As international travel resumes its pre-pandemic fervor, the revitalized Escapism magazine emerges as the UK's premier independent travel publication. This magazine is committed to providing unparalleled travel experiences to its readers. Now, here's the exciting part: Escapism offers a complimentary print subscription delivered straight to your doorstep! Don't let the word "free" deceive you; this publication rivals its premium counterparts. With its wealth of features, insightful reviews, and captivating stories penned by award-winning travel writers, Escapism embodies the very essence of its title and transports you to remarkable destinations, all at no cost to you.

Fueling Your Wanderlust

So, there you have it – our carefully curated list of the best travel magazines in the UK. Each publication possesses its unique strengths and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect companion for your travel adventures. Whether you find solace in the pages of National Geographic, embark on journeys less traveled through Wanderlust, indulge in luxury with Condé Nast Traveller, or escape into the world of Escapism, you're guaranteed to find a different kind of inspiration within these magazines.

Which travel magazine is your favorite? Have we missed any titles that should be included? Let us know in the comments below!

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