This Is Christmas: A Festive Film Made in Unexpected Heat

Image: Place a picture of the cast and crew on set, feeling the heat but still smiling The cast of "This Is Christmas" had a unique experience while shooting their festive film. Despite embracing the...

Image: Place a picture of the cast and crew on set, feeling the heat but still smiling

The cast of "This Is Christmas" had a unique experience while shooting their festive film. Despite embracing the holiday spirit, they found themselves facing scorching temperatures of up to 40 degrees. It wasn't the traditional winter wonderland they had imagined. However, the extreme heat didn't dampen their excitement or dedication. In fact, it added an unexpected twist to their Christmas magic.

A Fiery Start to Christmas

"It sucked!" expressed one of the stars, Kaya Scodelario. "This is the most fun experience I've ever had at work in my life - it's the best job I've ever done - but that very first week was the 40-degree heatwave week, and I remember just thinking people are going to faint, how are we going to physically get through this?"

Despite the challenging conditions, the cast managed to find a way to overcome the heat and bring the Christmas spirit to life on screen. As Scodelario explains, the end result is a beautiful glow that captures the essence of Christmas magic, blended with buckets of sweat.

Image: Place a picture of the film crew creating a festive atmosphere on set

Festive Vibes amidst the Heat

Jack O'Connell, another cast member, shared that even in the midst of the summertime shoot, the set always felt festive. One particular scene was shot in a pub decked out with Christmas decorations. The moment they stepped into this Christmassy atmosphere, their minds were instantly transported to the holiday season.

"I mean, the party was amazing," O'Connell recalled. "When we sort of saw the set dressed for it, it looked fantastic. And you know, immediately that kind of stuff makes you go... you see a couple of Christmas decorations, it's amazing what it does to your mind. You go 'Oh, I know this, this is nice!'"

For Scodelario, filming in the pub scene made her truly feel the holiday spirit. Despite the sweltering heat, being in a cozy pub with candlelight and shedding all the layers brought that comforting feeling that she adores during the Christmas season.

Image: Place a picture of the cast enjoying a snowy landscape on set

Embracing the Magic

Amidst the challenges, the cast and crew found ways to make themselves believe in the magic of Christmas. "We're in this beautiful cozy little pub, and you know, you forget 40 degrees," O'Connell remarked. The enchanting setting, complete with Christmas jumpers and an open fire, allowed them to immerse themselves in the film's atmosphere.

In addition, they had a memorable day where the streets of Hemel were covered in fake snow using a snow machine. This attention to detail made it feel like the real deal, adding an extra touch of authenticity to the film.

Chasing the Christmas Dream

When asked about her decision to star in a Christmas film, Scodelario revealed her excitement. "I'd never thought about it before, but as soon as it came through, I did just think how cool would it be to say I'm doing a Christmas film," she shared. After dedicating much of her career to niche indie projects, the opportunity to be part of a heartwarming holiday movie was a welcome change.

As O'Connell added, the director's perspective resonated with him. "I just want to make films that people like, that people can sit with their family and enjoy," said Chris Foggin, the director. The sentimental value of watching movies together as a family during Christmas is something O'Connell personally cherishes. He hopes that "This Is Christmas" will provide that same joy and become a seasonal favorite for many.

Image: Place a picture of the film's poster, showcasing the cast and the Christmas theme

A Christmas Treat for All

"This Is Christmas" is set to be released on Sky Cinema and NOW on Friday, December 9th. So gather your loved ones and prepare for a heartwarming and magical Christmas film experience. Let the cast and crew's dedication, despite the unexpected heat, remind us that the spirit of Christmas can triumph over any challenge.

This holiday season, allow yourself to be immersed in the enchanting world of "This Is Christmas" and rediscover the joy of sitting down with your family to watch a film that brings smiles to your faces, just like Lindsay Lohan's festive movies. After all, what better way to celebrate the season than by embracing the warmth and magic of Christmas on screen?

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Figcaption: The cast and crew on set, fighting the heat and embracing the Christmas magic