Where is Top Boy Filmed? Discover the Locations for Netflix's Season 5

While season 4 took us on a thrilling journey to Spain and back, season 5 of Top Boy brings us right back to where it all began - the Summerhouse estate in the vibrant London...

While season 4 took us on a thrilling journey to Spain and back, season 5 of Top Boy brings us right back to where it all began - the Summerhouse estate in the vibrant London borough of Hackney. But let's delve deeper into the filming locations of this critically acclaimed series to uncover the real places behind the scenes.

The Evolution of the Summerhouse Estate

The Summerhouse Estate has undergone changes over the years. When the series aired on Channel 4, exterior scenes were predominantly shot on the iconic Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle, London. However, the demolition of Heygate Estate in 2014 led to the need for a new filming location when Top Boy made its return in 2019.

Present-Day Filming Locations

Currently, the exterior scenes of Top Boy are shot on the picturesque Samuda Estate, located on the Isle of Dogs. Even some of the interiors, such as the characters' bedrooms, were filmed on this estate, with local residents graciously offering their flats as settings for the shoot.

In addition to the Samuda Estate, the De Beauvoir estate in Hackney, reportedly the inspiration for Summerhouse, has also been used to film similar scenes, further enhancing the series's authentic East London vibe. Other recognizable East London locations, such as Haggerston, Dalston, and Newham, have also made appearances throughout the series.

London Landmarks and Settings

Top Boy showcases various London landmarks and settings that immerse viewers in the gritty reality of the characters' lives. Walworth Academy in Southwark served as the backdrop for the show's school scenes, while Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone added a touch of realism to medical storylines.

The bustling Ridley Road Market in Dalston is where Jaq, Kieron, and the gang hang out and conduct their drug dealings. And yes, the Number One Cafe, which features prominently in the series, is an actual café called London Fields.

A Special Location for season 5

One significant location in season 5 is Victoria Park's Old English Garden, where the bench becomes a meeting place for Jamie and his brothers, who communicate with their deceased parents. This serene spot adds another layer of emotional depth to the storyline.

Beyond London: Exploring Other Filming Locations

While Top Boy primarily takes place in the fictional Summerhouse Estate, the series has ventured to other locations as well. In previous seasons, the cast and crew traveled to Margate and Ramsgate in Kent, adding a different dimension to its storytelling. Season 3 even took us to Jamaica, where Dushane, played by Ashley Walters, sought refuge.

The Return to Summerhouse

With season 5, Top Boy returns to its roots, bidding farewell to the captivating world of Summerhouse. This final season promises to be a fitting conclusion to the series and will surely leave fans wanting more.

So, mark your calendars for September 7th, 2023, when Top Boy season 5 arrives on Netflix. In the meantime, you can catch up on previous seasons and immerse yourself in the gripping drama that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Netflix and Beyond

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